We fight for the land

For our families and freedom.

We fight for democracy

Against becoming a fiefdom.

We fight with fury

Resolute and determined

Never to be defeated;

Never undermined.

We have everything to lose

And everything to win.

It’s all or nothing

That’s what we’re risking.

This is existential!

There’s no room for compromise.

Putin can go fuck himself!

We’re through with all his lies!!

Opher – 7.3.2022

It is obvious that Putin has bitten off more than he can chew. Ukraine is not a pushover. They do not welcome Russians with open arms. They have taken up arms, constructed barricades, made Molotov cocktails and are preparing to fight to the death.

The troops have low morale, their forces bogged down, with generals being killed, tanks bogged down and planes shot out of the skies. All the Russians can do is lay siege and pound civilians with artillery and missiles from a distance. All the might of Russia is being shown up for what it is – bluster – a poorly trained ramshackle army with substandard equipment.

Kick out the War Criminals!!

Long Live Ukraine!!

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