Down to the Dregs!!

So when Theresa May took over she sided with the extremist ERG bunch and purged the Cameronites from the party. When Boris Johnson took over they actually kicked the non-Brexiteers right out of the Party and people like Ken Clarke, Ken Heseltine, Philip Hammond and Rory Stewart were considered too liberal and actually thrown out. (I never thought I’d be thinking of Clarke and Heseltine as liberal). Now that Liz Truss has taken over she’s purged all the Johnsonites, Sunakacites and other ‘enemies’ and cast them into the wilderness. The wilderness is getting pretty crowded!

Who’s left she puts in her cabinet. Hardly the best brains from a bunch that’s been severely limited to start with.

We are really down to the dregs!!

15 thoughts on “Down to the Dregs!!

  1. Opher, I beg to differ. A pre-publication quote from my next (major!) rant:

    “Her cabinet, mostly announced on the Wednesday, could not be said to be the ministry of all the talents. (Indeed, I have dubbed it the ministry of all the tints!) But the absence of several senior members of the “Tory blob,” that have spent the last years trying to wreck us all on the rocks, is pleasing. Sunak, Javid, Patel, Raab, Gove, to name but five.”

    1. I’m not at all sad at the demise of the obnoxious Tory bastards you name. Far from it. They are all responsible for multiple crimes. Talent in the Tory Party is a double-edged sword. Do we really want people who are competent at channelling wealth to the top and robbing the poor? Do we want Tories who are competent at decimating the public services? Probably not.
      What I am saying is that we’ve reached the bottom of the barrel with this lot. Liz Truss and her army of sycophants are the very dregs of the Tory talent. An obnoxious bunch of greedy of incompetent ideologues. She’s so useless and obnoxious; she can’t last long.

      1. As I’ve said, Opher, I don’t think she will last long. For two reasons. One, the situation is such that, whatever she does, she will make some serious and powerful enemies in one quarter or another. Two, the most dangerous of those enemies are exactly the “Tory blob” I referred to; they will do everything they can to stab her in the back.

        But I’m not actually sure that she is the worst. Not yet worse than Johnson, at least. The bill to allow ministers to ignore rulings from the European Court of Human Rights has been shelved. And the on-line safety bill is to have some of its worst abuses against our right of free speech removed. Those are not much in the context of all the bad things they’ve been doing to us, but they’re a start. I think we’ll have to wait and see.

      2. I don’t think she’ll last long either. You are right. She is creating powerful enemies. She’s not been very clever.
        I am very concerned with a number of her appointments and stated aims – tax cuts for the wealthy, uncapping bankers’ bonuses, putting people who are environmentally irresponsible in charge of the environment. It looks like she’s trying for growth at any cost. Fracking, more oil, more gas, more bonuses, tax cuts, cuts to public services. Who cares about fairness, damage or consequences?

      3. Well Opher, I entirely approve of allowing fracking, and of more oil and gas. They are vitally necessary if the economy is not to disappear into a black hole. And the consequences of that would be far worse than any of the things you worry about. So I think it’s actually a try for growth in order to get out of the hole that Putin and bad green-inspired energy policies, between them, have dug for us all. Again, I entirely approve. In fact, I’m quite pleasantly surprised by the (apparent) change of attitude that Truss has brought compared with Johnson. How long it will be maintained, of course, is another story.

        I don’t know about bankers’ bonuses, but the banks have certainly been taking part in some shenanigans with government recently. Things like them limbering up to be allowed to close someone’s account merely on suspicion (not proof) of some “unlawful” activity. Or to put a limit on how much you may have in your account. Seems like they may be softening us up for negative interest rates – but this stuff is down to Johnson, not Truss.

      4. I don’t think you’ll ever get your head around the full extent of the environmental calamity that is heading our way fast. We’ll probably not live to see the aftermath but we’re already getting a taste. Scorched earth, dried up crops, droughts, floods and forest fires. Just the start. Wait until we start getting the prices of food rocketing and mass immigration pressures. Then we’ll hear some bleating.

      5. Opher, the price of food is already rocketing – because of green energy policies, and inflation caused by them (and Putin). And I haven’t yet seen any proof, beyond reasonable doubt, that humans are causing any damage to the climate. I think you’ve got the Gaian religion, and can’t see beyond it. Odd, because you are level headed enough to reject the old religions.

        Anyway, my latest (major!) rant is here:

      6. Lol Neil. The price of food is nothing to do with green energy – which is cheaper than anything else – it’s to do with fuel prices, HGV costs because of Brexit, shortages because of Brexit, lack of pickers because of Brexit, Tariffs because of Brexit, extra red tape because of Brexit, long delays because of Brexit, the war in Ukraine causing huge hikes in cost of grain for pasta and bread and animal feed, war in Ukraine causing shortages of fertilisers pushing up prices, cost of oil zooming up because of Ukraine and Putin, cost of gas going up because of Ukraine and Putin. Nothing to do with green energy.
        You need to check the relative costs of different energy sources Neil. You’ve tied yourself to the mast of a sinking ship and are refusing to untie the knots because you’ve talked yourself into a hole. Pride comes before a fall. One day you’ll have to admit you are wrong.

      7. Opher, green energy has only been “becoming cheaper” in USD terms. In GBP, prices have been increasing. And because of the intermittency of both wind and solar power (and the uselessness of solar in winter at this latitude), you need to add in the cost of the back-up energy systems that are needed to supply the base load when wind and solar aren’t working.

        Furthermore, if green energy really was cheap and workable, would you not have expected electricity prices to have been going down, not up, as more renewables were installed? At least, until Putin got in on the act? Yet, as this graph shows, electricity prices went up by a factor of 5 in calendar year 2021 – before Putin did his droppings. They had already more than doubled before Putin even moved any troops to the border.

        And here’s a reasonably objective view of the causes of the current energy crisis:

        As to the “environmental calamity” you keep on banging on about, where is the hard evidence (a) that the climate now is significantly different from what it has been historically, (b) that any changes that may have happened are negatives, not positives, (c) that these changes are due to human caused emissions of carbon dioxide?

      8. Neil – here’s the latest comparisons:

        Global levelized cost of generation (US$ per MWh)
        IPCC 2014[77]
        (at 5% discount rate)

        IRENA 2020[78] Lazard 2020[79] NEA 2020[80]
        (at 7% discount rate)

        BNEF 2021[81]
        PV (utility, fixed-axis) 110 68 30 56 39
        PV (utility, tracking) – – 40 – 47
        PV (residential) 150 164 189 126 –
        Solar (thermal) 150 182 141 121 –
        Wind onshore 59 53 40 50 41
        Wind offshore 120 115 86 88 79
        Nuclear (LTO) 65 – 164 (29) 69 (32) –
        Hydro 22 47 – 68 –
        Geothermal 60 73 80 99 –
        Coal (CC) 61 – 112 88 (110) –
        Gas CC (Peak) 71 – 59 (175) 71 –
        BNEF (2021)
        In March 2021, Bloomberg New Energy Finance found that “renewables are the cheapest power option for 71% of global GDP and 85% of global power generation. It is now cheaper to build a new solar or wind farm to meet rising electricity demand or replace a retiring generator, than it is to build a new fossil fuel-fired power plant. … On a cost basis, wind and solar is the best economic choice in markets where firm generation resources exist and demand is growing.”[81]: 24  They further reported “the levelized cost of energy from lithium-ion battery storage systems is competitive with many peak-demand generators.”[81]: 23  BNEF does not disclose the detailed methodology and LCOE calculation assumptions, however, apart from declaring it is “derived from selected public sources”.[81]: 98  Costs of gas peakers are substantial, and include both the cost of fuel and external costs of its combustion. Costs of its combustion include emission of greenhouse gases carbon monoxide and dioxide, as well as nitrogen oxides (NOx), which damage the human respiratory system and contribute to acid rain.[82]
        Of course, you can always shop around to find a suitable right-wing conspiracy site which would no doubt provide you with data more suited to the position you have adopted.

      9. In terms of the massive biodiversity loss – which is so apparent to anyone with a modicum of biological knowledge:

        Of course, once again, that is a UN study. You don’t believe anything coming out from a reliable source. Right-wing conspiracy sites, based on Trumpian denial will provide you with ample evidence that the insects, mammals, reptiles, fish and amphibians are all blooming.
        The evidence from all other sources suggest that environments are being trashed, populations are crashing and animals of all sorts are becoming extinct.

      10. But my point stands, Opher. If renewables are as cheap as you claim, why did electricity prices go up so much during 2021?

        On biodiversity, we’re back to the old stuck record. Name a species to whose extinction I have contributed, and say what I did, and roughly when, to contribute to that extinction. For an encore, name a species that has gone extinct in the last 30 years due to nitrogen emissions from Dutch farming.

        On “global warming,” you do know you need to look at global averages, don’t you? Even James Hansen said that you can’t attribute any one particular weather event to global warming. This is an example of the kind of data you need to look at (there are lots more): I don’t think NOAA is exactly a “right-wing conspiracy site funded by the fossil fuel industry,” do you?

      11. You know why the prices have gone up Neil. It is simple. Profiteering. You can plainly see that green energy is as cheap, if not cheaper, than other forms. If you have a choice why would you choose a form that is more polluting?
        As a statistician you must understand the laws of increments.
        If the lethal dose of a poison is 1000 units and one thousand people all deliver one unit the victim dies. It is no good all those thousand people denying that they killed him. That’s what you are doing. By virtue of living, eating and consuming you are contributing to the environmental degradation and pollution that is systematically wiping out life on this planet. Surely you can understand that? One person contributes a tiny bit. Multiply that by 8 billion and you have an environmental disaster. It’s not rocket science.
        The sad thing is that by making small changes and being less greedy we could live in harmony.

      12. As for global warming. The data is quite clear there too. As if the ice melt, glacial retreat, record temperatures, bush fires, floods, droughts and storms weren’t sufficient. I mean, try telling the people in Pakistan that global warming is beneficial, or those in Australia and Californis, France, Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy – all ravaged by wild fires, droughts, extreme temperatures etc.
        Try telling the people in Africa and China, trying to live with temperatures now above 50 degrees.
        Here is some evidence:
        But again, you’d rather believe the right-wing conspiracy sites funded by the fossil fuel industry.

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