Fat Cat Bankers – We Should Love Them!!

Liz Truss says that it’s good for us to have bankers earning £15 million bonuses while children starve and freeze. Bankers are good for the country. They help it grow. They bring in wealth. Children don’t earn anything.

People who create wealth are useful and important!

Not like bloody teachers, nurses and carers who are all bloody parasites!!

So bankers deserve massive bonuses. If we don’t give them tens of millions of pounds they will go abroad!! We’d miss them. We’d all become poorer.

I know that the parasite nurses, teachers and carers are all now on the breadline, having to use food banks and turn off their heating after twelve years of Tory austerity. But that’s their fault. They should have become bankers.

Just imagine how great the country would be in everyone were a banker! We’d all be so rich! The country would be so rich!

Besides, while you are busy holding down three jobs and still starving and freezing remember ‘Trickle Down’. Soon all that wealth will trickle down to you! Just as soon as the Cayman Islands release some of it!

So feel good about all those wealthy Tory Bankers and bosses. They may be raking it in by the million but they are good for the country! They are doing it for you!

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