Vote For Lies

Vote For Lies

Vote for corruption.

Vote for sleaze.

Vote for the clown

Who brought the country to its knees.

Vote for greed.

Vote for laziness.

Vote for ineptitude

And the whole stinking mess.

Vote for the Tories;

The profiteering liars.

Vote for entitlement

And arrogance from the shires.

Vote for Boris Johnson

The leader of fools!

A nasty little conman

Who breaks all the rules!

Opher – 31.1.2022

I watched the debacle in the House of Commons today with a feeling of anger, shame and frustration.

I am furious at the arrogance of this bunch of Tories who think they are above the very laws that they themselves set.

I feel ashamed of what they have done to the country and trampled on laws and people. They have treated us like fools.

I am frustrated that so many stupid poor people have been so gullible that they’ve been taken in by this lying, arrogant conman and the silly clown persona he puts on. They’ll likely vote for this ruthless liar and the profiteering over-privileged profiteers he represents.

2 thoughts on “Vote For Lies

  1. Opher
    It is the same here in the US where the threat of the former President returning due to the mind numbing ignorance of so many.people.

    Did you know our current Presidents address to the people was NOT broadcasted on ANY of the major 3 networks? They are owned by a private company locally in most areas that makes those decisions. The same with radio stations. If you do not have cable and did not watch Cspan or a moderate network, you did not see him speak.

    Crazy right? Sound familiar?

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