The Pornography Wars takes the world by storm!!

A terrific read!

Ron Forsythe

The Pornography Wars takes the world bystorm!!

The biggest publishing sensation of the year!

In country after country the new Ron Forsythe book is surging up the Best Seller lists!

Printers are unable to keep up with the unprecedented demand!

Everyone is asking the question: How can I get hold of this gem of a book?

Intellectuals are analysing the content – searching out the hidden meaning!

People are laughing about the satire!

There is endless discussion on TV and radio about what it really means!

World leaders take note.

There is a noticeable shift in the zeitgeist of the era.

Everything becomes more positive!

Film Makers are falling over themselves to gain the film rights.

Publishers are offering deals that make Murakami, Frantzen and Ishiguro jealous!

Meanwhile, in his country retreat, Ron Forsythe (Opher Goodwin) remains sanguine and assures everyone that wealth and fame will not change him!


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