Choose a Side

Choose a Side

It’s hard to choose a side

When both sides are wrong.

Hard to believe the news

When propaganda’s strong.

We use our intuition

To read between the lines.

Probing through the entrails

Interpreting the signs.

When anybody asks you:

Who’s side are you on.

Say you’re still deciding

And you hope it won’t take long!

Opher – 19.5.2021

When faced with the fanatical religious Jews using obscure biblical claims for lands that they’ve never lived in and the bullying terror of the Hamas scum; it’s hard.

I can’t defend either.

As bad as each other? Possibly. I can’t decide.

I just wish that instead of falling into the hands of extremists who feed off hate and martyrdom people were able to listen to tolerance and rational thought. Instead of religious extremism they practiced empathy and compassion.

You reap what you sow.

Violence breeds hate.

Death breeds martyrdom.

It’s an all-consuming cycle.

It needs breaking – talk, reparation and concord.

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