Society tried to sell me a dream:

                Work hard,

                                Fit in,

And keep your nose clean.

Jack sold me an alternative view:

                Go Go Go,

                                Live it,

Nothing less will do.

Opher – 22.4.2021

I was sixteen when I discovered Jack Kerouac. He came at the right time. I did not like the life on offer. I wanted something much more.

Jack offered sex, excitement, madness, exploration, wonder, awe, music, zen, marijuana and shared adventure.

That’s what I wanted.

It sounded much better than a career.

2 thoughts on “Jack

  1. There’s a cartoon I saw a while back, that sticks in my mind. An older ragged man ‘panhandling’ on the pavement, with a sign saying Followed my Bliss.
    Kind of says it all to me.

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