Goodbye and Good Riddance to a Lying, Shambling Clown!!

As the Right-wing media try to rewrite history!! The truth is that this lying chancer has been taking us all for a ride out of selfish greed. He wanted power and riches and cynically did what he needed to do to get them – a man without principles or honour.

He lied and cheated.

He was as corrupt and sleazy as the very worst.

He never took responsibility for any of his lies or failures.

He was lazy, shameless and as devious as they come.

He hid in fridges to avoid scrutiny, encouraged licentiousness and behaved like a clown.

He deliberately scruffed his hair up and went around like a slob because he knew it appealed to a gullible section of the electorate.


He made a complete pig’s ear of Brexit in order to get himself elected. It has already cost the country £130 billion and 4% off our GDP. Far from the promised Brexit Dividend, our grandchildren will still be picking up the bill for this mess. All those wonderful foreign deals were a pack of lies. All those scheming ultra nationalists wanted was power at any cost! They made millions out of it. We pick up the bill. We’re drowning in red tape, tariffs and travel restrictions.

He completely messed up Covid. Unprepared, too slow in reacting, too slow in shutting down, too early opening up, stupid eat out to help out schemes, useless apps, useless Track and Trace, corrupt VIP lanes giving billions away to fraudsters and their chums. Tens of thousands of needless deaths and countless billions spaffed up the wall. If it hadn’t been for the drug companies coming out with the vaccines we would have been buggered.

He’s piled taxes on the poor while the wealthy still get their bonuses and the tax loopholes mean they can stash their ill-gotten gains abroad. We have austerity while they have a bonanza.

We now have energy prices through the roof while the energy companies are creaming it in.

We have petrol prices through the roof while the oil companies are creaming it in.

We have a cost of living crisis created by Brexit and greed.

He hid Brexit behind Covid and Covid behind Ukraine. The man has been the worst PM we’ve ever had – a greedy, slovenly narcissist who has done immense harm to the country and particularly the ordinary citizens.

He doesn’t want kicking out; he wants locking up!!

Now the Right-wing propaganda machine are trying to lionise this selfish, greedy, incompetent clown!

We’ve got rid of a lying, dishonourable, shambling nincompoop, that’s what!
Freedom to pay more, fill in red tape and wait in line so that some nasty exploiters can stash millions.
He can kiss my arse!! Poor old Boris – off for a blow job and a shag. Probably leave Wilf and Carrie in the lurch like he’s done with all the rest of his kids, wives and lovers. All that ever matters is Boris!!


2 thoughts on “Goodbye and Good Riddance to a Lying, Shambling Clown!!


    My comment there: “Not only should they not get redundancy pay. But they should be brought to justice for all the bad things they did to each and every one of us, the people they are supposed to serve. They owe us compensation for all the taxes we paid that they used for purposes that did not benefit us, and for the consequences of the bad laws they promoted, made or supported.”

    As to the Daily Express headline, it’s very clever, isn’t it? “You gave (something called) Britain back its freedom.” But what is this “Britain?” In the Daily Express’s reading, it is the UK state. Headed up by Silly Lizzie and Barmy Boris. But that doesn’t allow you or me any freedom, does it, Opher? As I’ve said before, Brexit was only the first step on a long road. Like a gosling just fledged, we’ve got away from one layer of bureaucracy. We need to get rid of a lot more layers of counter-productive criminals like Johnson.

    1. The worrying thing about what is happening is the attempt to remove the right to protest or criticise.
      This government is becoming a fascist state intent on removing freedoms – but where we differ is over Covid and Green issues where state interference is entirely justified.

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