12 thoughts on “Welcome back Jonathan Pie! Bye Bye Boris!

  1. Hoo bloody ray – let’s hope it is a beginning of the end of this BS we have piut up with for too long. I know probably wishful thinking

  2. Mr Pie, I think, understates his case. He “does protest too little.”

    I thought, 18 months ago, that Trump might try to remain in the White House until physically removed. But he had the grace to go eventually. Now, Johnson appears to be taking the same line. How will they evict him ? With gas, like the Beslan theatre?

      1. Let’s hope it doesn’t then, Neil. Humour, even dark humour, must be saved at all costs. (That’s a figure of speech).

      2. Precisely. That’s why I’ve joined a group of people who are active against this and other violations of our rights. 🙂

      3. That’s precisely what happened in America with the Trumpists. It’s all QAnon and conspiracy, guns, division and extremism. They’ve allowed extremists to pump out ludicrous propaganda dressed up as liberty.

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