Propaganda is all we get;

                An endless stream of bias.

With calculation and intent

                Out of the mouths of liars.

Targeted spin and lies

                Aimed at the gullible.

Callous disregard

                For all the vulnerable.

The arrogant entitled

                Take us for fools.

Reciting the lessons

                They learnt in their schools.

Manipulate us like cattle

                In their lust for wealth and power

Voting them out

                Would be our finest hour.

Opher – 23.6.2022

The truth has always been the first victim in this endless war. Nothing has changed down the ages. It’s all a front.

The wealthy establishment still rule. Where once they used force to subjugate the masses and treated them with utter disdain, now they use propaganda.

The same people who ordered the troops to kill at Peterloo now use the media to keep the masses in their place, working for the prosperity of the minority.

Where it used to be mansions, carriages and a host of servants it is now superyachts, penthouses and supercars.

They give us as little as they can get away with and blind us with stark warnings, smoke and mirrors.

They appear reasonable, plausible and understanding but they are really cynical exploiters and profiteers.

Every now a revelation leaks out about their scummy workings – Greenswill or lobbying, Russian connections and cash for peerages, but it’s all soon glossed over.

They get away with deception, spin and murder.

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