Approaching Torsharn on the Faroes

It was dawn and heavy with cloud and drizzle as we approached the volcanic islands of the Faroes and the harbour of Torsharn – a Viking settlement. The sun broke through in shards of light.

If you click on a photo it will open to full size to deliver its full impact.

2 thoughts on “Approaching Torsharn on the Faroes

  1. When did you go to the Faroes … a trip has been on my bucket list for ages … was going to go in 2020, but that obviously got canned !?

    1. We went three weeks ago. Took a cruise to Faroes, Iceland and Shetlands. Fascinating and mind-blowing.
      If we were going to Iceland again we’d take a cheap flight, hire a car and drive around on the new circular road. Our cruise gave us a great view of it all though. I’ll be putting up photos over the next few weeks. I do love volcanic scenery and interesting geological stuff. Photographer’s delight.

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