Scrutiny and accountability – Boris Johnson heads back to the fridge!

Hiding again!!!

Opher's World

You have to laugh – except this is serious stuff. This man lies. He likes to make up his own accounts and they are usually farcical and far from the truth. We’ve had enough of his oven-readies, world-beatings and ready-mades. We’ve had enough of his boasts about ‘Getting Brexit Done’ and ‘Beating Covid’.

In case he didn’t know Brexit has turned into a nightmare and Covid is still with us. He engineered a terrible deal with the EU that is a disaster for us and he’s handled Covid appallingly. As for Care Homes, Cost of Living, Tax Rises, National Insurance Rises, Sexism and Misogyny, Cronyism, Criminality, Partygate, Russian Donors, Illegal Lobbying, Second Salaries, Pornography in the House, Illegal Donors, Cash for Secret Meetings and the rest of this sleazy, corrupt government’s operations – I can see why he doesn’t appear on TV and wants to hide in a fridge.

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