Capitalism – a contrick

Capitalism is the completely absurd idea that the resources of the earth, essential infrastructure and services, and core industries should be operated in order to generate private profits for a tiny clique on mega-rich owners, rather than for the good of everyone.

Capitalist control of the media is so strong, that they’ve managed to convince millions of people that the reverse is true; that private hoarding of wealth and opportunity is sensible, efficient and good, and more public ownership and accountability is the absurd crackpot idea!

Capitalism depends on greed providing the impetus. Greed drives rich people to exploit poor people so that they can become even richer. The principle is to produce goods (or services) as cheaply as possible and sell for as much as possible in order to maximise profits. That means squeezing salaries and raising prices. It keeps poor people poor and turns millionaires into billionaires.

Capitalism has no conscience.

If a capitalist can produce goods on starvation wages they will.

The alternative to capitalism is for people to share the profits to create a fairer world.

A fairer world is not something capitalists want. They are very happy with unfairness and use their wealth and power to ensure that things remain as unfair as they are.

Socialism is given all the negative propaganda possible.

The claim is that it gives to the lazy and creates low productivity. That’s a lie. If it’s done right, with workers sharing in profits, it is incredibly motivating.

Tyrannies like Russia, Cuba and China are held up as examples of how socialism doesn’t work. I cannot imagine any places less like socialism. True socialism is not totalitarian.

I would like to see a socialist system similar to that of the Nordic states with more state ownership and profits going to improve the standard of living, education, health and infrastructure rather than into the pockets of billionaires.

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