Boris Johnson NOT fined again!!

Of course, there was no political pressure!! He did attend a number of the other events in which his work colleagues were fined.

Why wasn’t he fined too?

It’s nothing to do with Javid’s brother running the investigation??

It’s nothing to do with them raising the bar on prosecution??

It’s nothing to do with the hobnobbing and backscratching with high-ups in the police??

It’s not the Masonic brotherhood, is it??

Nothing to do with the ‘Old Boys Network’??

Do you think that a few tens of thousands of people who have been hit with fines for less might have a case to have their fines quashed??

Bring a bottle, party hats and tinsel. We’re having cakes and quizzes – but remember it’s a work event!!

We can all now forget that he lied to us, lied to parliament and he can get on with the job of misleading the nation!


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