Poetry – You’re out of Luck

You’re out of Luck

You may be the strongest,

                Bravest and fittest,

But a missile doesn’t care!

You may have all the skills,

                Be great at fighting,

But it’d still catch you unaware.

You may think that you’re so tough

                So macho and invincible

But a drone doesn’t give a fuck.

You can hide in the strongest shelter

                When the button is pressed

You’re plum out of luck!

Opher 3.5.2022

There’s nothing tough and macho about war. No man is safe from a missile.

The big, strong, skilful macho men used to be highly valued. They kept us all safe. Not any more. They’re the ones we have to be wary off. They are the trouble-makers.

I war you see the swagger melt away. No muscles are hard enough to stop bullets and shrapnel.

The guys who are in charge are safe in bunkers pushing buttons.

If you survive a war it’s all down to luck.

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