Poetry – I will tell you the truth.

I will tell you the truth.

I will tell you the truth.

We do not know what the truth is.

Everyone has a vested interest in a version of the truth.

They all want to fool us.

To manipulate us,

To convince us that they are right.

None of them are right.

Some believe they are right.

Some are sure they are right.

The truth is that we do not know what is right;

Nobody can be sure of anything;

We are all guessing.

Beware the people who believe they are certain.

They are the ones to be concerned about.

Some of them are very dangerous.

Many do not care about the truth.

They simply believe what they are told

Without question;

They accept that it is the truth.

Some manufacture their own truth.

They create stories, exaggerations, perspectives,

In order to control us.

For them the truth is malleable.

They think we are stupid

And will believe anything.

They feed us lies.

Once, long ago, I thought I knew the truth.

I was naïve.

All I understood was opinion.

I had not experienced how complex life was

Or how devious and cynical people could be.

I now know that everything is uncertain.

That is the truth.

Opher – 11.7.2020

We live in a world of fake news.

People are telling us they know the truth – the politicians, the religious leaders.

They know nothing.

Some believe what they are told in textbooks, in tabloids, on TV, in broadsheets or on the internet.

The information is always from people trying to sell you something.

I don’t want what they’ve got to sell.

They are selling you a version of themselves. They want you to believe. They want you to do what you are told. They do not want you to think.

The truth is that nobody knows.

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