The Corona Diaries – Day 778 – Update

Today we are over in the Yorkshire Dales in a cottage in a small village. We went for a walk up into the hills and then had a wander in Skipton.

The sun shone on us most of the day – then it went dark and snowed!! But we had a good time. I sampled the local pies and ice-cream. Can’t seem to understand why I’m putting on weight!

We ended up waking 12 kilometres so I think I am getting over covid – but I still feel very tired, my mind is a bit muzzy and I’m lacking my usual buzzing head full of ideas. This week I’m going to try seeing if I can plot out my new Sci-Fi book. We’ll see.

It’s been great listening to some Hendrix. His death was one of those great tragedies of what might have been. I always imagine what it would have been like if Buddy Holly had got together with the Beatles and Hendrix and Jim Morrison had not thrown their lives away (or been murdered).

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, The MET still haven’t completed their investigations of Johnson’s law breaking. I like to think of them serving him up like one of those pig’s heads on a platter with an apple in their mouths!! He’d look good! Then Sue Gray could apply the boiling sauce and finish the incompetent lying conman off. I like to think.

Johnson has become a major liability to the Tories and it comes as no surprise that they are all leaving him off their flyers in the forthcoming local elections. I just hope the greedy lying Tories get what they deserve.

What is happening to Rishi Sunak might well have started up in Johnson’s office. He puts on this front as the jolly tousle-haired clown but in reality he’s a cold, cynical, overprivileged millionaire who is ruthless. It’s all a front to con the gullible. He’s been lining his nest just like Osborne and Cameron did.

Rishi Sunak is one of the richest people in the country and it comes as no surprise that he’s been fiddling, using every little law and loophole to cream off the cash. That’s what Tories do. They are greedy. While he’s been throwing millions of poor people into poverty with 55 new tax increases he and his wife have evaded paying tax to the tune of tens of millions.

It is simply wrong for the Chancellor of the Exchequer to be using tax loopholes such as Green Cards and Non Dom status. It’s wrong.

I don’t care if it is legal. The very fact that the Tories have deliberately kept all the tax loopholes is both immoral and unethical. Why should the rich be able to evade taxes? The rest of us can’t get away with a penny!

One has to remember that the Tory Party was formed by the Rich to look after the fortunes of the wealthy. That is what they do. It’s a con trick.

One only has to look at the history of the rich to see how greedy and callous they are/were. Slavery, factory conditions, the colonies. They lived in opulence. Ordinary people have had to fight for any standard of living.

In the 12 years the Tories have been in power the richer have become immensely richer, the poor have become much poorer and public services have been devastated.

They disguise it but the wealthy (and Tories) have benefitted from Brexit and Covid. The rest of us have picked up the bill.

The Sunaks are the same as the rest of the greedy Tory bastards.

Boris Johnson has become a liability. They have left him off all the flyers for the forthcoming local elections. He’s toxic.

So where is he? Still in his fridge? He is keeping his head down where he can’t be questioned. He only likes photo ops not scrutiny.

I’ve got a suggestion. Perhaps Zelensky could put a long zipline right down the front line in the Donbas. Johnson could dress up in his Union Jack underpants, a Union Jack up his jacksy, waving two Union Jacks and slowly go the length of the trenches. That’d cheer up the Ukrainian soldiers and nobody could ask the clown awkward questions while he was up there!

Ideal for a clown.

So, Covid has been beaten!! Yippeee!

It just goes to show that if you ditch SAGE and the scientists and stop all testing the numbers of reported cases miraculously go down and Big Dog Turd is saved!!

There were only another 33,745 new cases yesterday (although there were really 5 million new cases last week!). The deaths and hospital cases are harder to fiddle. Deaths went up to 302 yesterday and hospital cases rose to 20,096.

Never mind! Big Dog Turd is safe!!

Praise be!!

Stay safe!! Brexit is great and Covid is beat – Honest!!

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