The Corona Diaries – Day 777

Busy day today. We drove over to meet up with relies over in the Dales!! We set off in bright sunshine and temperatures of 10 degrees and found ourselves in a mini blizzard. Weather is all over the place. Global warming is really messing things around.

I’ve been enjoying listening to HQ again. Hell of an album! Roy Harper must be the best!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, the Tories are at it again. Johnson is bouncing around in a yellow Hi-Vis outfit. He thinks that’s what leaders do – make photo ops – I noticed that he’s had his hair done. Looks almost normal. He deliberately ruffles it up because he thinks it endears him to the voters. That says a lot about him and the voters!!

Rishi Sunak is coming in for a bit of a hammering just because he is in charge of the treasury and his wife is doidging taxes. Ho Ho. What do you expect? She’s the wealthiest person in the country, is saving tens of millions a year not paying taxes from abroad and has claimed millions from tax payers to furlough staff. Then Rishi has kept his Green Card for the States. Has he been fiddling too? No wonder these Tories won’t close the tax loopholes – they’re all using them!

It beggars the questions – how much money is enough? Do you still need to be robbing from the poor when you already have billions more than you can possibly spend and they are starving?

It turns out that it was Rishi who blocked the government helping out in the cost of living crisis. Nice guy!!

What a bunch of callous profiteers!!

In Ukraine fake news takes on a different dimension! Putin uses a missile to bomb refugees at a station killing 50 and maiming many more. He’s done worse!! It is interesting to hear him denying it. He claims that the Ukrainians are flattening their own cities, killing their own civilians and raping their own women. Fake news reaches new heights. He’s using the same strategy of Johnson and Trump – simply deny!

In the Coronavirus pandemic that no longer exists (in order to save Big Dog Turd) there are still record levels – 5 million new cases last week!

Never mind.

Stay safe!!

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