Poetry -I’m so tough

I’m so tough

I’m so tough.

I’m so strong.

Always right

Never wrong.

I beat Covid.

I build walls.

I speak tough.

I’ve got balls.

I don’t use masks.

I don’t space.

Mess with me.

I’m in your face.

I am rude.

I’m uncouth.

Had it easy

Since my youth.

I don’t do tax.

Don’t do rules.

Treat people.

Like they’re fools.

I do tweets.

I brag a lot.

Taunt and bully.

I’m so hot.

Opher – 7.10.2020

It is so interesting to look at the phenomenon of Trump – an over-privileged man who is worshipped by the poor.

Never have we had anyone so unsuited to high office. He lacks all the diplomatic skills. He doesn’t believe experts or science. He has aligned himself to an extreme right-wing and sets out to deliver for them.

He seems to lack all empathy and is cynical.

When confronted he attacks. When unloved he is petulant.

He likes to appear tough. He has a swagger.

He perpetuates myths and conspiracy. He lies and puts out fake news. He has undermined the entire fabric of society and works the seam of that division for his own advantage.

The myth of his acumen as a business-man is based on lies. He has been failing continuously, bailed out by his father. He has avoided paying tax through many illegal loopholes. He has very dubious business relationships with Russia. He owes billions.

What a strange phenomenon.

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