The Corona Diaries – Day 775

A showery day in Yorkshire. I went in to my writing group and shared a piece of work. Beginning to plan out the plotting of my next Sci-fi novel – a sequel to ‘The Pornography Wars’. Ideas are beginning to come together. Playing Otis Redding today which is always uplifting even when he’s being melancholy. Soul is good for the spirit! (see what I did there!)

I’ve been feeling muzzy and not quite with it. Normally I’m flooding with ideas and eager to get stuck into a writing project. The enthusiasm and inspiration is usually there as my cerebrum fires away. That’s not been happening. It’s not that I’ve got writer’s block on anything like. I realised what it actually is – Covid.

We are both still getting over Covid. It’s been around four or five weeks since we tested negative but the symptoms persist. I call it lingering Covid. I am suffering with a muzzy head, bunged up sinuses, weariness, listlessness, lack of energy and this ennui. It’s covid. When I’m writing I find certain words are not coming to mind the way they were. I’m having to wait for them to arrive, search for them, even look them up. My brain is not functioning as smoothly as it was. It’s covid. Not only that but I have noticed over the last five weeks that I’ve put on a few pounds. I was wondering why (as I don’t seem to be doing that much less exercise or eating that much more). It came to me today that Covid has probably slowed my metabolism.

Liz has got the lingering covid too! She can no longer drink red wine. It doesn’t taste right and it makes her feel bad.

This covid has a big effect on people. It’s a whole-body thing. Even if you don’t get it too badly it still has a big impact. They’ve shown it shrinks brains. You would think that for a lot of Tory voters that would prove fatal! I don’t want my brain shrunk! Ageing is bad enough! I need every brain cell!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, the Tories might be beleaguered with Partygate, going down in the Polls and looking like taking a beating in the May elections, but that doesn’t stop them from continuing their offensive or brazening out their disastrous policies.

They are telling us that we need the big hike in National Insurance so that we can get the NHS functioning and able to deal with the backlog. It wasn’t too long ago that they were telling us that this boost to the NHS was going to come from the Brexit dividend!! If you remember, we were promised £350 million a week from Brexit for the NHS. There is no mention from the Tories that instead of a Brexit dividend we are receiving an ongoing Brexit deficit of around £37 billion a year! The Tory-controlled media are remarkably quiet on that aren’t they? So instead of Brexit doing the job the Tories have decided that the poorer end of the population should fund it!

Speaking of Tory-controlled media and propaganda that is a neat segue into Channel 4. Channel 4 has been a thorn in the side of Tories. They don’t control it. They can’t threaten to take away its cash or load its board with Tories like they’ve done with the BBC (driving out a whole stream of talent who don’t like spouting Tory propaganda). Channel 4 was impartial and openly critical of both Tory Policy and Brexit. In true nasty Tory rhetoric – they must pay the price. They excel at seeking revenge on all who oppose them! The answer is to sell it in order to prevent criticism. It’s a lot like Putin in Russia. They are just a little more subtle about it. The Tories won’t be happy until they have tied up every newspaper, TV channel and news outlet. Channel 4 brings in a £1 billion a year in revenue and is an independent channel that develops talent. Oppose these Tory Brexiteer extremists and you are dead meat. Look how they purged the Tory Party of all moderate Tories! They are ruthless populist extremists every bit as nasty as Trump!

On top of the National Insurance hike there are the Tax rises. They’ve doshed out so much money to their chums through incompetence, stupid contracts and multimillion fiascos during Covid that they have to claw it back from the poor somehow! I mean you can’t raise taxes from the wealthy who have been doing fantastically in this difficult period – no – raise taxes and clobber the poor. They’ll still vote for you!

The petrol/diesel crisis – with costs going through the ceiling causing rises in all food and goods. We’re told it’s global – but British oil producers are making tens of billions out of it! That’s not global – that’s just profiteering. But it’s OK, the poor will pick up the bill. We can’t do a windfall tax. The rich won’t like it!

It’s exactly the same with the energy companies. It’s all global – except that it isn’t – they still have money enough to dosh out big dividends to shareholders. The rich never go short!

We’re in the midst of a massive Cost of living crisis with everything zooming up except for wages and pensions! That’s great for the government. The more things cost the more VAT they claw back!!

On the day the Energy prices soared (courtesy of government policy) throwing millions into extreme poverty they were busy guzzling champagne!

I’ve got a great idea! Why don’t we do what Corbyn wanted us to do – put the Energy, Transport and Water into national control – so all those profits go to us and not the Tory’s rich chums???

The slow privatisation of the NHS (safe in our hands – lie) continues. That is the next big wheeze to put more money in the [pockets of the rich and rob the poor.

They really do think we are utter gullible fools!! That’s because we act like utter gullible fools and keep voting for them no matter what they do.

He who controls the media controls the minds. Straight out of the Hitler/Putin playbook.

Meanwhile, the war in Ukraine rages. The horrors are revealed. Sources (reputedly) have uncovered a Russian document claiming from the beginning that the plan was to ‘free the Ukraine people’ from neoNazi control. They were planning mass extermination of the Nazis and Nazi sympathisers. They had mobile crematoria and were planning to take over the government in three days and start exterminating the neoNazis. They estimated 400,000. So who are these neoNazis??

It seems that these killings, rapings, lootings and mass slaughter were not the acts of the frightened little conscripts but state policy. Frightening.

If this isn’t shades of Hitler’s concentration camps and the Jews, or Stalin’s stalags, what is?

It’s a shame they didn’t turn their attention on the fascists running Russia.

Mind you, Putin did exactly the same (or worse) in Grozny and Aleppo and there was no outcry of genocide and war crimes. Why’s that? Is it just racism? Distance? Or that they were Muslims?

Putin needs dragging before the international courts. It’s good to see Ukraine smashing his military to pieces!

This brings me to the pandemic that no longer is. There has been no SAGE meeting, no meeting of scientists for 6 weeks now. What we have is a policy of herd immunity put in by Johnson and the Tories without any scientific basis. It’s thought to be popular and help save the Big Dog Turd. The pandemic is over!! Except it is far from over. There were record levels last week with an estimated 4.9 million having the virus last week. Hospital admissions are at the same level as at the height of the pandemic (creating immense strain for NHS staff – NO PAYRISE) and stopping other essential health work. The queues get longer. Brushed under the carpet!

We are already near capacity.

‘COVID-19 cases rates are at their highest ever level in England, with experts warning of an increase in hospitalisations and deaths.

Two variants of Omicron – the BA.1 and BA.2 – caused twin peaks in the pandemic, one in January and another last month, according to data from Imperial College London’s latest React-1 study.

Testing between 8 and 31 March suggests that 6.37% of people in England had COVID-19 in this period – the highest level recorded in the pandemic.’

The government response – UTTER SILENCE!!!

Who cares?? Let the bodies pile up. We have to learn to live with it. No advice is necessary.

The government has stopped testing so all stats are unreliable. If there aren’t any stats there is no problem!! Right???

There are a number of new variants knocking around. I wonder if one is nasty? We’ll see. Right now the UK is a testing ground and we’re guinea pigs.

That’s the populist way!!

The Mushroom principle – keep them in the dark and shit on them!!

My son is not too bad at the moment. Covid levels are hitting firms and schools badly with many people off work. Who cares?? Certainly not a Tory!

Stay safe! Be positive. We haven’t been fried and we’re not dead!

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