The Corona Diaries – Day 774

It was warmer here in Yorkshire but the wind has been getting up! Spring is Sprunging! I had to go and mow the grass!

Today has been quite productive. I’ve been listening to some Django Reinhardt while writing a couple of pieces.

I’m still feeling muzzy and know that I’m not fully over this covid yet. I’m lacking in energy and I’ve noticed that, despite not changing my eating habits, I’m putting on weight. I think it has lowered my metabolism and made me sluggish (not just to look at!).

We met up with friends for an extended lunch and put the whole world to rights. You should be noticing the differences shortly!

The Russians will completely withdraw and pay for all the damage they’ve caused. All the murdering troops who shot, tortured and raped civilians will give themselves up for trial and Putin will be in the dock (alongside Bush, Blair, Bashir and the rest) on War Crime charges.

All the wealthy will collectively decide that they can no longer be cheating on taxes, withdraw all their money from the Cayman Islands and use it to alleviate poverty across the globe.

The UN will be properly funded and do away with all vetoes. It will deal with all transgressions against human rights right across the globe.

All the religious leaders will have an epiphany. Instead of causing division and lusting after power, they will come together to worship nature and the wonders of the universe for the good of all mankind.

There will be a universal awakening as all mankind realise that there is only one planet and we have to look after it. All plants and animals will be treasured and protected, human populations limited, global warming tackled, pollution dealt with and nature fully conserved.

There will be no more bent politicians, no psychopaths elected, and all people will enjoy far greater equality and freedom.

It was quite some lunch!! We’re meeting up again in a few week’s time! Expect even more improvements! Reminds me of all those long talks we had through the night while smoking and drinking and listening to music! The world was a better place. It works!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, the improvements turn out to be nothing more that the delusions of a covid-ridden mind! Johnson is still in power and a sizeable chunk of the electorate seemingly don’t mind that he is a serial liar, sleazy, corrupt twerp and completely incompetent. They’ll still do what the Mail, Sun, Telegraph, Express and Times tell them to do!!

We’ll see what happens when more fines for criminality are dispensed and Sue Gray’s report sees the light of day! Will the veil drop from the eyes? Will reality hit home? These are a bunch of arrogant, overprivileged twats who have been looking after their own at the expense of the rest of us.

We’ll see when the horrors of the Cost of Living crisis hit the pockets and millions more move into poverty while seeing the rich still becoming richer.

We’ll see if they wake up to the way they are being lied to and conned and will vote the profiteering Tories out of office! We’ll see.

I’m not holding my breath.

The war in Ukraine is being revealed in all its horrendous complexities – the full extent of the war crimes has yet to be revealed. We’re getting a taste in Buccher. We’re seeing civilian homes reduced to rubble along with schools and hospitals. There are mass graves, signs of execution, torture and tales of rape. It’s barbaric. They call it war. It’s the same in every war – Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Chechnia, Cambodia. The stories are interchangeable whoever is involved. It’s a matter of degree. The USA is not innocent – Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay – blanket bombing and torture.

I think war twists and wrecks minds. Nobody escapes.

The cost of this war in Ukraine must have cost the Russians $150,000 million. No wonder so many Russians live in poverty. The money is siphoned off into either the huge military expenditure or Putin and the Oligarch’s pockets! They are living off the crumbs with propaganda to keep them warm! (A bit like us really! – just a matter of degree!)

So I’m trying to find figures for the Covid pandemic that has ended. They are hard to come by. Testing has ended and the government, for the sake of the Big Dog Turd’s popularity, is pretending it’s all over. It seems to be raging to me! Places are shutting down with too many staff off sick. My middle son has just gone down with it today. We had him round on Saturday – at his most infective! Surely we can’t get it again so soon after having had it? I’ll keep you informed. I told you I was feeling crap today!

A total of 50,202 new cases were recorded today, compared to 80,830 last Tuesday.

Meanwhile, another 368 deaths with COVID were reported today, compared to 303 this time last week.

Hospital cases are rising.

Do you think the Big Dog was just making it all up??? I reckon that 50,202 is really much higher!

Stay safe!! The madmen are running the asylum! Give me back my padded cell! I feel safe in there!!


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