Poetry – The Valley of Death

The Valley of Death

They all walked through the valley of death;

Through the hail of bullets,

Dodging the arbitrary blasts of missiles,

Evading the bombs,

Guided by the blind hand of luck,

Emerging the other side

Physically unscathed

Yet mortally wounded.

They all walked through the valley of death

And were killed

By the misses,

Each and every one!

Opher – 3.4.2022

Nobody come through war unscathed. It twists minds. It steals futures.

Nobody escapes the horrors.

The mental scars don’t show but they cut deeper. Life can never be the same. The trauma is corrosive.

Only the psychopaths are immune. They enjoy i! But they are victims before the first bullet is fired.

Nobody survives a war.


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