The Corona Diaries – Day 772

It’s been a nice day in Yorkshire. It has become warmer and the sun has been shining. Bodes well. The bushes are beginning to green and there is blossom bursting out. With the birds singing it felt like Spring was here.

I’ve been playing some Linton Kwesi Johnson, writing some poems and taking a walk up my hill. My middle some came round for a meal. You could almost forget that half the population is starving and freezing to death and a little distance away women and children are being blasted into fragments.

It’s a strange world that we have made for ourselves. Just think, that without greed and lust for power, what a fabulous place it could be! The minority dictate to the majority – or do they? Perhaps the majority of the majority would do the same as the minority if they had the chance? I’d like to think not.

Talking of greed and the lust for power………

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, Johnson thinks that he has survived Partygate, can continue playing at being Churchill and still has his golden ticket to a life of luxury with lots of freebies thrown in. His life is one long party.

Has Partygate really gone away? Is that possible? Just because there is a war going on in Ukraine that makes it alright to lie to everyone and break the law? Seemingly so. A useless lying clown can’t be replaced??

Possibly so. The trouble is that the Tories aren’t exactly overflowing with characters of charisma and intelligence. They are either tragically inbred to the point of imbecility or so loathsome that the public couldn’t even vote for them if they held their nose.

It raises the question as to why ordinary people keep voting for a party that only ever represents the interests of the top 5%?? It’s beyond me. It is true that there has often not been a great choice and all the other parties have shown themselves to have limitations – but even so!! I’d vote for the Monster Raving Loony Party (who would provide more intelligence and integrity) before I would ever vote for a bastion of the elite such as Johnson or that complete twit Rees-Mogg.

I think it’s either some kind of death-wish, absurdly misplaced hope, being totally brainwashed by the likes of the Mail and Express (Times, Telegraph and Sun), or a sense of knowing one’s place (ignorant peasants doffing their caps as the lord of the manor rides past). Take your pick. Some stupid people really do think that the aristocracy and public schoolboys were born to rule!


So it looks like these overgrown lying public schoolboys are going to be in charge a while longer. Unless the cost of living crisis (this year’s Tory special) causes too many starved frozen corpses to start piling up on the streets obstructing the Tory limos trying to get to their penthouses and superyachts. Then they’ll do something about it!

We’ll see how this year progresses. Johnson is getting away with murder. We’ll see how long that lasts. It may yet go pear-shaped. We have more MET fines to be handed out, then the Sue Gray report followed by the May elections. The Cost of Living crisis is only just starting. It could go horribly wrong for Johnson and his gang of exploiters. People are fickle. The question is – would Corbyn have done better?? Come on! We all know the answer to that. Wurzel Gummidge would have done better!! Noddy would have made a better job of things. Their record has been appalling. Of course Corbyn would have done better! Nobody could have been more immoral, corrupt or inept.

Over in Ukraine, things are still up in the air. The Russians are retreating while the Ukrainians are blowing them to pieces. There are claims that they are leaving mass graves behind full of executed civilians. They’ve been shot in the back of the head with hands tied behind them. There are increasing reports of rape and senseless shooting and loot.

Sounds more like war than a military manoeuvre doesn’t it?

So where do we go from here? Ukraine has attacked one site in Russia. Will they continue to do that? Will the Russians regroup and take the whole Donbas? Will they be kicked out of Ukraine? Will there be a peaceful solution? Has Putin got cancer? Will he flatten Odessa like he has done with Mariupol? Will they continue to attack the rest of Ukraine with missiles? Will the Russian people wake up? Will the Russian Generals be blamed for the pathetic failures? Will the Generals oust Putin? Will Putin escalate into a nuclear war??

We live in exciting times!! I could do with a lot less excitement!!

Meanwhile, the operation to save the BIG DOG TURD continues. Johnson is heralded as the saviour of the UK. He got Brexit done (and it’s only partially ruined the country) and has vanquished Covid (despite the fact that we’re still at record levels and have had around 180,000 deaths). He is now the lynchpin with which Putin is being defeated!! What a guy. He’d look good in a spandex Superman costume!

The pandemic is over. There were only 80,830 more cases yesterday!! That’s down!! That is all due to Johnson’s fabulous policies. He’s ended testing so that we no longer know the extent of the spread!! Wonderfull!! What genius!! If you don’t have any testing you do not have any positive tests; without any cases recorded the pandemic must be over!! Freedom Party!! It’s straight out of the Trump (who needs scientists and experts?) playbook. What a pair they would have made (or bring Farage in and they could have been the billion-dollar trio!).

Unfortunately, hospitalisation is shooting up 11.4% and deaths are up 17.5%. It’s OK. We’re just ignoring it! THE BIG DOG TURD is safe!!!

Summer is on it’s way. The warmth brings more ventilation, less aerosol droplets, more UV light and all those virus particles being dispersed, dried up and fried. Virus diseases always clear up in the Summer. It gives him space!

It’s still a race. Will the heat arrive before more nasty variants are spawned and the vaccine immunity wanes?? We’ll see? Will the Big Dog Turd survive the various crises he’s creating? We’ll see?

Stay safe!

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