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The Corona Diaries – Day 767


A cold miserable day in Yorkshire – overcast and dull. We had friends round so with the fire lit it was cosy. The heat of conversation filled the room. I trust everybody noticed how much the whole world has improved?

I didn’t have time for my customary walk though I did have time to listen to a little Yardbirds to buck myself up!! Jeff Beck was a monster!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, the fiasco continues. It seems the clown wants to commit a mere £100 billion on setting up 7 nuclear power stations but Sunak is not so keen so there is a nuclear conflagration in Downing Street.

They are nuts. We don’t need nuclear with all the risks and dangers, the inability to store the waste. I think we’ve seen the dangers in Japan and Chernobyl, Three Mile Island and Windscale. We’ve also seen in the Ukrainian war what a target they present for lunatic invaders. It’s like providing them with a nuclear bomb on your doorstep!! No. The obvious way to go to create energy security is:

Bring in planning laws to make all new houses energy efficient – proper insulation, triple glazing, heat pumps, solar panels, heat retrieval systems on all waste water.

Retrofit all housing with energy conservation as above (as much as possible).

Bring in massive solar energy and onshore/offshore windfarms schemes.

Build the tidal barrier schemes in Swansea, Hull, Ipswich and Bridgewater (predictable and regular).

Develop wave energy schemes (not so intermittent as solar and wind).

What we would have is a country free of oil, coal and gas, more less polluting and environmentally friendly and a scheme that would make us energy independent. Much cheaper and less polluting than nuclear. What’s not to like.

We now come to the rub on Partygate as the MET issued their fines to 150 people. They are not saying who to. That’s up to the individuals concerned to reveal they’ve been fined. That’s like asking a known liar to tell the truth.

As these fines have been issued it clearly demonstrates that these parties took place and hence Boris Johnson clearly lied to both the public and the House of Commons – not once but on a number of occasions.

This is not a matter of whether law-breaking took place. It is not a matter of the degree of law-breaking. It is not even about whether the Tories were being highly arrogant and believing there was one rule for us and another for them – that they were exempt from the very laws they made. This is far more important than any of those things. This is about the trustworthiness of the Prime Minister. A Prime Minister who lies and has no honour is not someone who can be trusted to run this country!

This is even more pertinent when it has to be taken into account that this dishonourable man has a long history of telling lies and behaving in a dishonourable, even illegal manner.

We have seen this cavalier attitude in the numerous lies during Brexit (over incredibly important matters such as the Northern Ireland situation and the ridiculous untrue claims on the side of his bus), during the proroguing of Parliament, through the sleaze involving donations to his redecoration, through the Russian connections to his party (and himself?), through his personal relationships and past jobs. The man is a dishonest perennial liar.

Not only that, but he has shown himself to be lazy, not up to speed and totally incompetent which has proved disastrous to so many during covid and to people such as Nazanin.

This man is totally unfit to hold any office – let alone the highest office in the land.

We now have this lying, lawbreaking, dishevelled clown as a leader at a time when we are being threatened with nuclear annihilation. Do we really think that a man who is widely seen as a joke by the rest of the world is capable of dealing with a cynical tyrant such as Putin? He’s likely to put his foot in it again and spark World War Three. Then he’d try and blame it on someone else!

If only the Tory Party had more integrity – but then they have been taken over by a greedy bunch of nationalist extremists spouting Trumpian populism!!

Heaven help us!!!

Meanwhile, plonker Rees-Mogg, who personally made millions out of Brexit, claims that there is no evidence of Brexit having damaged the economy – despite it costing us an estimated £37 billion a year!!

Rishi Sunak, one of the richest people in Britain, is still allowing the Oil Companies to walk away with record bonanzas of billions of pounds while the poorest in the country panic and all of us pick up the bill. He says he’ll look again in October for all those who haven’t frozen, starved or topped themselves. Then he’ll probable see if he can’t squeeze a little bit more out of them to give to the bankers. Seemingly the denizens of the Cayman Islands have a greater need than the ungrateful poor over here. Besides, no matter what the Tories do the people still vote for them!! They just direct the Express, Mail, Sun, Telegraph, Times and BBC to tell them what to believe! Easy!!

Now for attention to the pandemic that has mysteriously ceased to exist. No news coverage. No testing. No restrictions. But we are far from no cases or deaths!! Despite operation Save the Big Dog Turd we are in a rapidly worsening situation. Yesterday there were 215,000 new cases with 218 deaths. Hospital entries have gone up to 17,354.

But this is no longer of any significance. We are free!! Big Dog Turd has been saved!! The removal of restrictions was red meat to the gullible!! Hoooraaaayyy!!!!

The emergence of two new strains is nothing to worry about!!

The threat of nuclear war is nothing to worry about!!

The hugely rising cost of fuel, energy, food and goods is nothing to worry about!!

The rising inflation and stagnating wages is nothing to worry about!!

Everything is hunk dory in Big Dog Turd Land!! He is safe!! Putin and his Russian friends have saved his bacon!!

Stay safe!! We’re in Global Britain!! World-Beating!! THe clown has another oven-ready plan!!

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