Apologies to those trying to contact me. I am still blocked out of my email.

It appears that someone has been trying to access my email account so they want me to verify it. This involves all manner of information. Ridiculous. I’ve filled in what I can but they still won’t verify.

Anybody got any ideas? It’s driving me mad!!

18 thoughts on “Apologies to those trying to contact me. I am still blocked out of my email.

  1. Opher, I can’t offer you advice, only sympathy. And questions:

    (1) Who is “they” who want you to “verify” your account? Could “they” be spammers?

    (2) Are you still able to send and/or receive e-mail? Or can you not log in to your hotmail mailbox at all?

    (3) Could this be what your problem looks like? https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook_com/forum/all/my-hotmail-account-is-now-asking-for-verification/897d1ac8-2d0f-4a55-a43c-7c26ff17b767. It doesn’t look as if this person’s problem has been resolved yet…

    1. Cheers Neil – I received a warning that somebody was trying to hack into my account and thought it was some phishing nonsense so I ignored it. Now I cannot access my emails at all. They want me to verify my account with details of all the emails I’ve sent along with the subjects I used. Who can remember that? I don’t write out the email address or memorise too many let alone remember exactly what I wrote as a subject. Seems I can’t remember enough so I can’t get back in. Absolute nightmare! There could be important stuff in there!!

      1. Opher, if what you say is the literal truth, it does look like a phishing attack. Can you publish here the screen you get when you try to access your e-mail?

      2. Difficult to make a screenshot of it Neil. I don’t think it’s phishing though. I went through the Microsoft site and it took me to the same thing.

      3. Opher, the reason I suggested it might be phishing was this: https://www.webdevelopersnotes.com/verify-hotmail-account. Did you receive an e-mail asking you to verify your account? Or do you get a message when you try to log in to your account? Or to send an e-mail?

        There are two basic ways to create a screen shot on Windows:

        (1) The old way – just hit the keystroke Alt+PrtSc (PrtSc stands for “print screen,” it’s usually towards the top right of the keyboard). That puts a full screenshot of the current screen into your clipboard. Then run up an application like Paint or Word which can handle graphics, and Ctrl+V to paste the screenshot in. Paint can save it for you in a number of different graphics formats.

        (2) Use either the old Windows 10 snipping tool (Snipping Tool) or the new version, Snip and Sketch. This can allow you to shoot only part of your screen. Personally, I prefer the old tool as it does still work for me, whereas the new one seems to rely on some notification processing I usually have switched off.

      4. I get both Neil. If I try to go to my email it won’t let me in and asks to verify my account. If I go through the hotmail website it does the same – which led me to believe that this was genuine and not phishing.

      5. Hi Neil – thanks for all your help. I’ve tried the answer desk. I’ve been through a lengthy half-hour exchange. The system is automated and has no human ability to interfere – utter madness!!

    1. That might well be the case John. But what could I possibly have said that might upset them??

      John – you couldn’t tell me the subject on the last couple of emails I send you? It might help me get back in! If you put them here in this reply on the blog I’d get it. Cheers

      1. Last couple of emails from you to me?
        Sri Lankan Dance,
        Farm 703 – The Human Project – A Sci-fi novel – are we being farmed?

      2. John – those are from my blog. There was some interaction through my email – you sent Riddle through and I responded. Do you have the subjects from my responses??
        Sorry to be such a pain.

      3. Last responses from you were these;
        Re: Not grateful enough. 22/03/2022
        Re: Johnson. 22/03/2022

      4. (Not sure if I just sent this or deleted it, so here it is again!).
        Last responses from you were all 22/03/2022:
        Re: Not grateful enough.
        Re: Johnson
        Re: Nazanin

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