The Corona Diaries – Day 758

We’re back home! Another glorious day in Yorkshire – bright sunshine (even if there was still a chilly breeze.

We took a stroll along the Beck and appreciated the fresh air. The Beck was crystal clear but not a sign of fish or fowl. The whole length had been dredged of the reeds and, so far, there was no sign of it growing back. One or two birds were singing, a few trees and bushes were shooting, but I guess it’s too early in the year for anything much to be going on – just a few early bumble bees in search of flowers.

We haven’t got over this covid yet. I’ve had a sinusy headache all day and we’re both feeling knackered. Covid really knocks you for six.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our slippery liar is still counting his luck in the billions. So far he has got away with negotiating a disastrous Brexit (costing us £37 billion a year), illegal proroguing parliament, constant lying, mismanaging Covid (only saved by the NHS coming up with a great vaccination campaign) and squandering tens of billions in illegally tendered PPE to his chums and a useless T&T, more lying, then all the sleaze with law-breaking and party donations, then all the scandal of cash for private lobbying, cash for peerages and cash for tennis, then all the Partygate hypocrisy and law-breaking, more lying to parliament and the Queen, then the second salary scandals (Geoffrey Cox earning a million while living in the Caribbean), then trying to back MPS carrying out illegal lobbying, more lying, then the support of all the Russian Oligarchs (Playing tennis with them, accepting invites to parties (???), huge donations to the Tory Party, peerages and heaven knows what else! And that’s all scratching the surface. We’ve got all the profiteering, corruption and sleaze to consider. Then we’ve got the war against the BBC, the control of the media, the constant propaganda and lies, the refusal to be scrutinised, the refusal to be accountable, the dishonourable actions and the repression of protest.

This mob of extreme nationalistic populists have taken over the Tory Party, driven out any moderate Tories, and are trying their damnedest to turn the country into a one-party totalitarian state.

Incredible. Have we ever had such an extreme, immoral bunch in charge?? They make Thatcher look tame.

Not only that but this shambling wreck, with his crumpled clothes and dishevelled hair, is making us a laughing stock abroad. It is utterly insulting when he compares Brexit to the Ukrainian struggle against the Russian invasion. His pompous and arrogant stance is nauseating. He’s got far too big a view of himself. This inflated view of himself as some marvellous world leader reminds me of the exchange between the complete nincompoop Dan Quayle, who foolishly compared himself to Kennedy, and Lloyd Bentson:

‘Senator, I served with Jack Kennedy. I knew Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine. Senator, you’re no Jack Kennedy.

Bentson put the Republican moron in his place. It’s a great shame that nobody has done the same to Johnson. He thinks he’s Churchill but has more resemblance to Wurzel Gummidge.

A former Finnish prime minister has dismissed claims Boris Johnson is leading opposition to Vladimir Putin as “illusion” and “utter rubbish”.

Alexander Stubb, whose country shares a 1,340km border with Russia, said only in “Brexit la la land” was the British PM seen as having “taken a lead globally”.

“This idea about ‘Global Britain’ is as true as ‘peaceful Russia’,” the conservative ex-leader said.

People are laughing at us. They can’t believe we elected this clown. He’s as inept as Trump!!

The damage he’s doing will take decades to put right!

So, in the pandemic that is now over in order to keep Big Dog Turd in office, we can see very worrying developments. I know more people with Covid than ever before. It’s sweeping through. Johnson has pushed aside all scientific advice and made a populist choice to do away with all restrictions. A wiser leader would have given a public address, explained the situation and gone ahead a little more cautiously.

Even with sketchy testing (it’s as if the government doesn’t want us to know what’s really going on!) it is quite clear that the virus is out of control again. We have officially 92,449 new cases with 125 deaths!! I wonder what the real figures are?? The hospital cases are back up to 13,464. There are more virus mutations and variants springing out of this fertile breeding ground.

What nobody is really talking about is the millions of unvaccinated and those who are vulnerable. It seems that the government is taking the view that the unvaccinated have made a choice so more fool them and the vulnerable can just stay indoors for the foreseeable future. Job done – Big Dog Turd saved!!

Then there is long covid. Having just had the virus mildly and experiencing the effects weeks later I can appreciate what a nasty virus this is. It really does mess with all your internal organs – shrinking brains is just one thing (not that that would affect Johnson and a number of Tory voters too much). Long Covid is going to mess with many hundreds of thousands of people.

But, no worry, as long as it keeps the Tories in power so they can continue exploiting us.

Stay safe!! With The Big Dog Turd up against Putin we could be in a nuclear conflagration if he shows his usual level of competence and diplomacy!! Good Lord!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 758

  1. We have had a close brush with covid. Helen’s daughter-in-law came on Sunday and stayed with grandchildren for the whole day. Lunch, tea, socialising etc and this morning we get an email telling she has tested positive. We’ve just tested ourselves and so far….we’re clear. Going by your experience (and that of a good friend who has had long covid for Two years and cannot shake it off) we really don’t want it!


    1. I think it’s best avoided!! But I also think that Johnson is wanting everyone to get it and you’ll be very lucky if you avoid it. We got ours from a visit to the cinema in which there must have been only a dozen people in the place. This Omicron is very contagious.
      It took me three or four days to show any symptoms and a week to test positive. Liz was a little later.

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