Poetry – A New Layer of Hope

A New Layer of Hope

Layers of hope

Built on sands of time,

Dripping into eternity.

Layers of hope

Buried beneath lies,

Rotting into oblivion.

Layers of hope

Vitrified into rock,

Locked into history.

Layers of hope

Through generations,

Fading into obscurity.

Now there’s a new layer!

Exposed to the air,


Gleaming in the dark.

A beacon,

An opportunity,

A new chance.

Will it just become

Another layer

Among the many

Optimistic strata

Of human endeavour?

Opher – 9.6.2020

How many times have we put our faith in leaders promising to solve all the problems only to have those hopes dashed.

We are dumping Trump. We will replace Johnson, Bolsonaro, Erdogan and Modi with sane leaders.

Or will we?

Will we fall for the rhetoric of the narcissists and psychopaths, bewitched by their promises, beguiled by propaganda?

Will hope become another layer in the fossilised remains?

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