Boris Johnson – the arch Lying Conman

He’s every bit as slippery as Trump. No matter what immoral, cheating, sleazy, grubby, lying, corrupt things he gets caught doing the public forgive him. He gets away with it. It Corbyn had done a fraction of Johnson’s inept wrongdoing he would have been crucified!

Covid saved him from the disaster of Brexit. They hid all the immense costs and losses in the coronavirus pandemic.

They covered up all the panic, incompetence, lawbreaking and illegal sleazy deals – all the care home deaths, allowing the Indian delta in, being too late and too early, silly schemes and grubby goings on behind the general sleaze, second jobs and wallpaper.

Then, just when Partygate, Sue Gray and their arrogant lawbreaking double standards was about to bring him down they call in Cressida Dick of the MET and bought some time, then Putin goes to war.

What an incredible series of escapes. How much longer can this greedy, lying, immoral, grubby little conman stave off his comeuppance? He should never have got this far. He’s a two-faced obese liar.

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