Poetry – Fairy Tales (for Dewin)

Fairy Tales

Nobody ever dies!

They merely pass away

Becoming angels and stars.

We’ll meet again

                In a future life

On a planet North of Mars.

They do not die

                They merely sleep

And gently slip away.

They are up in heaven

                Waiting for us

To come along to play.

There is no death.

                They rest in peace

Shuffle off the coil.

Give up the ghost

                Join the host

And never have to toil.

Opher – 4.5.2020

I hate these euphemisms, lies and fairy tales.

Death hurts. It’s a loss – sometimes so difficult to come to terms with.

But do we really need to sugar-coat it? It isn’t a sleep, a portal into an infinite blissful after-life. It’s an end.

Death comes. Our consciousness falls apart. We are no longer there. It is the end.

We will not meet again. It will not be a blissful reunion and ecstasy forever.

The idea seems absurd to me. It is just a defence mechanism we adopt to try to come to terms with the finality of it. Our loved ones are gone and we will never see them again.

It is so hard.

Our own death seems so unreal. But one day we will no longer exist.

The universe will go on without us until it too burns out.

Life is what we do in the moment.

4 thoughts on “Poetry – Fairy Tales (for Dewin)

  1. Opher, the agnostic in me says that you can’t say “it’s an end” with any certainty. Any more than those that say it’s an “infinite, blissful after-life.” When death comes, I’ll take it as it is. (I’ll have no alternative, anyway).

      1. Speak for yourself, Opher. Myself, I don’t have any confidence in fairy tales unless and until they have been proved factually right. 🙂

      2. Lol – I said we liked them – not that we believed them. Though lots of people do. Religion is a fairy tale. Lots of people believe in that because it seems to answer their questions and soothe their fears. If only….

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