Marina Ovsyannikova – One of the bravest!!

Some brave people fight on the front line. Some brave people help the wounded and carry them to safety. Some brave people seek out danger to report what is going on.

Marina deliberately, premeditatively, went and took on the Putin regime when she knew what the outcome would be. By doing so she would throw away her future, end up imprisoned for years and likely be brutally treated. That is bravery!!

As an employee of the news station, she invaded the studio to hold up a placard during the live propaganda broadcast busy telling lies and masquerading as news!!

The placard was simple-

‘Stop The War!! No To War’

‘Don’t Believe The Propaganda. They are lying to you!!

She backed that up with a prerecorded message that she put out on social media!!

This brave woman has risked her life to tell the truth!!

I hope the Russian people listen, take on board what she is saying, and rise up against Putin and his bloated oligarchs. They have been exploiting the Russian people and robbing them blind. Putin and his multi-billionaire oligarchs are about as far away from the ideals of communism as they can get. The Czars were better than this.

It’s time that Russia came back into Europe and is no longer the enemy! We want Russia in the EU as a normal country.

We want the zombified Russian people to wake up and become prosperous.

Put an end to propaganda!! Put an end to Putin!!

Thank you brave Marina!!

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