Poetry – In the Care Homes

In the Care Homes

In the Care Homes

The elderly don’t count.

The carers don’t need kit –

At least, not the same amount.

If you’re over seventy five

You don’t go to hospital.

In a Care Home

You’re sent to the wall.

The elderly are sacrificed

As they don’t really count.

We left them out of the numbers

When reporting on the amount.

It came from a decision

Made from on high.

Not theirs to question –

Just to do or die.

So don’t whinge – you’ve had your life

It doesn’t matter if you die.

You’re a burden on the living

Come on – give us your last sigh.

So there was an invisible cull

That took thousands of lives

Robbing children of their parents

And husbands of their wives.

For in the Care Homes

The elderly don’t count.

The carers don’t need kit –

At least, not the same amount.

Opher – 30.4.2020

There was a decision made from the top to leave the elderly in the Care Homes and not take them into hospital.

I can see why it was made. Many of the people in Care Homes were extremely frail and unlikely to survive. Many were made to sign Do Not Resuscitate orders. The government were expecting a huge surge in Covid-19 cases with a shortage of ventilators, beds and medical staff. They were reserving the beds for those who might survive.

The result was that the elderly died in droves. Their Carers were neither trained nor equipped to deal with this scourge. They were thrown to the wolves.

It was as if once that decision was made they just put the Care Homes to one side and forgot about them.

Some of those carers died. They were exposing themselves and their families to the virus

Why weren’t the places properly isolated? They knew the experiences of Italy and Spain.

Why were the staff not properly trained and equipped?

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