The Corona Diaries – Day 747

Here we are, over two years later, with a jumbo of a day!! 747 days!! All in economy class!!

Today was really warm and sunny. I actually had to go out and mow!! Whatever next!!

I’ve spent the day reading Jasper Fforde, listening to Leonard Cohen and monitoring what is going on in the world as we stumble from one crisis to the next!

This coronavirus has left us really washed out. I’ve been knackered all day and Liz is feeling crap too! The effects seem to go on and on. Fatigue and listlessness, slight sore throat, slight muzzy head, nothing that screams at you. It just taps you on the shoulder to let you know it’s still there!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our dozy clown has as much of a grip on events as a dodo had of flying away to safety.

Priti Patel displays all the callous features that the Tory Party is renowned for. She’s moved away from pushing hapless Syrian mothers and children back into the sea, kicking out anyone she can with her hostile environment, and is now trying to create as many obstacles as possible to prevent those evil Ukrainian traumatised mothers and children from getting into the holy of holy’s – Tory paradise!! Unless you’ve a few million to bung into Tory funds, or a bung or two as a backhander, you are not welcome here!! Indeed, most of the population that lives here is not welcome. If they didn’t need someone to exploit and rip-off we would have all been kicked out.

What a bunch of totally obnoxious self-servers!!

I believe that in times of crisis our wartime leader Churchill addressed the nation. Our leader through crisis after crisis (at least one of which was self-made) prefers to repeat soundbites (like a parrot with tourettes), hide in fridges and dress up.

Every time I see the twat dressed up in some Hi-Vis uniform posing in a plane or whatever, spouting some stupid soundbite and looking like an obese scarecrow, it makes me feel physically sick. Their response to this crisis has made me feel thoroughly ashamed.

Johnson has gleefully thrown himself into posing. All mention of the MET report or Sue Gray conveniently forgotten.

The carpet is now so lumpy that it must be impossible to walk on.

If it wasn’t for the war fever we might be making even more fuss about the Russian connection. Not only is the Tory Party awash with Russian money but they invited them in to launder their dirty money and provided a safe haven for them so that we could take a share of their ill-gotten gains. It stinks. Now they are shouting loudly about hitting the oligarchs while hardly naming any and giving them ample time to get all their dirty money out!

I notice Abramovich and other oligarchs are stealthily moving assets away. Their superyachts are quietly gliding out of harbours.

No wonder they don’t want to focus on the Report on Russian interference with elections. It was the Russians that got Brexit done, the Russians that got Trump elected and the Russians who are responsible for 12 years of Tory rule and austerity.

They are already lifting up the carpet and sweeping like mad!! How much more corruption and sleaze can they get under there??

How about that knighthood for the useless cretin Gavin Williamson??? There’s another travesty!! Fuck up your job as badly as you can. Show yourself to be a useless, incompetent fool. As long as you know stuff about the Tories and Johnson and can tell people about the levels of sleaze and corruption you can become a peer!!

So, as Russia continues to flatten hospitals, schools and civilian areas in order to free the Ukrainians from neo-Nazi tyranny while denying there is any war and disseminating lies and misinformation, we watch. Will it escalate into a nuclear conflagration or resolve itself into a compromise? Will the Russians use Ukrainian nuclear power stations as a bargaining chip or use chemical warfare? Will this grind down into a long war of attrition with them pounding cities into dust and terrorising civilians as a warning? Is the West happy for this to go on and on, for them to arm the Ukrainians and fight a proxy war, for the Russian economy to collapse! Isn’t that pretty much what they did with the USSR? Putin’s war chest is finite. I don’t know if a desperate Putin will hit out and start a third world war! Anything’s possible. My money’s on a face-saving exercise!

Save the Big Dog is well underway (Did the Tories ask Putin to invade Ukraine??). We no longer have a pandemic. As predicted by all the sacked scientists the virus is taking off again. We had 68,378 new cases yesterday with 123 more deaths and rising hospital cases.

Johnson and the Tories have at last found a strategy!! They will remove covid tests so nobody can test positive. Stop announcing the statistics so nobody knows how much it’s all going up by. Ignore the whole thing and sweep the deaths under that carper along with the peerages for cash, second salary scandal, illegal lobbying, lying to the house and Queen, lying about Brexit, the 180,000 deaths that are already there, cash for meetings, PPE tendering, Partygate and all the other inept bungling and law-breaking. If you ignore it then it will all go away.

Red Meat for the gullible!! We’re levelling up!! Oh, that flying pig just shat on Johnson – not that it notices!

Stay Safe!! We could be living in a totalitarian state where protest is illegal …….. hang on…..

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