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The Corona Diaries – Day 746


I noticed today that I’m really not fully recovered from Covid. The effects linger. Talking on the phone I found myself croaky. We went for a walk this morning, which was a big effort that made me feel weak and I’ve been completely washed out all afternoon. I am continuing to sleep really deeply. Weird. I wonder how long this is going to last?

I also wonder what this would have been like if we hadn’t been fully vaccinated. I dread to think!

Today it was sunny so we decided to nip to the coast and take a walk by the sea. Scudding clouds, big waves and a keen south-easterly wind. We were going to get some fish and chips but the place was shut so we went home.

I’ve been working on publishing my 25th book of poetry – I’ve called it Toxic Times. These are indeed Toxic Times. They seem to get more and more toxic by the second! I have to write this quickly before we receive a nuclear strike!!

When not sorting my book out I have been listening to some early Donovan and reading another Jasper Fforde book.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, I despair that our stupid electorate are backing Johnson. His popularity is rising. What is up with people? Are they completely gullible? Do any of them really think this clown is doing a good job?? What has happened to the MET report?? What has happened to the Sue Gray report? What about the Russian money propping up the Tory Party? What about the Russian Peerages for cash? What about the appalling lying and treatment of the Ukrainian refugees???

It seems that for a lot of people none of this matters. We see Zelensky leading his people and showing us what a leader looks and sounds like. He mimics Churchill and sounds like a statesman. Our clown is obese and slouches around like Churchill, pretends to be Churchill and looks and sounds like a clown.

The nastiness of the Tory Party seems to have gone mainstream. People seem OK with it. It is as if Brexit has unleashed a right-wing selfishness.

As for the war in Ukraine it goes from bad to worse. The Russians pound civilian areas with artillery and missiles. They even destroyed a hospital today. They can’t beat the Ukrainians on the ground so they have gone for the inhumane tactics they deployed in Syria and Chechnia.

There is something extremely flawed in human nature. We have the capacity for violence, for cruelty and heartlessness.

Johnson says there is a surge to process the thousands of Ukrainians in need of help and shelter. They sent a table, three guys, a box of crisps and a box of kit-kats. That’s Johnson’s idea of a surge!! Poland takes in a million and we manage 50!! It stinks!!

Is this what Brexit looks like?? The racist element in our country wanted to kick out all the foreigners, all the Eastern Europeans, who came over here to pick fruit and veg, to drive lorries and work in shops, restaurants, as carers and in hospitals. It started up that vicious hostile environment.

Is that the mean-minded Britain we want to live in? Not for me!! I hate this small-mindedness! I hate this racism. I really hate this racism! I hate this closed-off little Britain.

I really do not like what Britain has become!! They deserve these Tories!!

Putin threatens us with a nuclear war and our clown quakes!! No planes!!

So where are we with this pandemic that no longer exists?? My sister’s husband went down with it today. He’s feeling very rough. There were another 62,407 new cases with 213 deaths. It’s not going away is it? It’s getting worse! Ignoring it has not solved the problem. So what are the long-term plans?? What is the strategy? If we had a leader perhaps we’d know??

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