The Corona Diaries – Day 745

I’m not sure I should be writing these anymore. I’m no longer in isolation, though I do still wear a mask when going into shops. While the pandemic is far from over we have moved into a new phase that is similar to normality.

Today the sun was shining in Yorkshire. The sky was vivid blue and sang of warm days to come – but it sang in a frigid voice. It’s still bloody cold!!

I appear to have completely recovered from covid – though obviously, my brain has shrunk considerably (that’s my excuse). Maybe that has really what has happened to Putin’s brain?

Today I’ve been writing a few poems, listening to Captain Beefheart, finishing my Jasper Fforde book and going for a walk up my hill. The snowdrops are nearing their end, daffodils are out and bluebells are shooting up. My kestrel flew across the road, a beautiful male pheasant had been squashed and I borrowed a few plumes to brighten my hat. Despite the bright sunshine, it was misty in the distance. I couldn’t see the sea and a south-easterly wind was biting. The sound of gunfire had started up. We’re in the shooting season. Anything that breathes is shot!! Death is part of rural living. Nature has to be destroyed.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our lying clown of a nasty Prime Minister tells us of how we are welcoming all those poor refugees from Ukraine. Sure he is. Priti Patel and him cooked up that Hostile Environment policy between them. The one that kicked out all those nurses, doctors, HGV drivers and veggie pickers. Great thinking!! Put a lot of prices up!! Created endless problems. She was the one who had the plan for the Windrush people – doesn’t matter if they’ve lived here all their lives – kick down their doors and boot them out.

They think they have a mandate because half the country voted Brexit. They can be nasty, racist and vicious!

Well the NASTY Party hasn’t changed. They’re doing the same with the Ukrainians. They are welcome here. You just have to jump through an endless chain of hoops. Miraculously 500 have managed it!! Let me see!! 1.5 million terrified traumatised women and children fleeing war – we manage 500. Proud to be British!!

Lying Johnson said they are doing their best. They have carried out a big surge to process the poor victims! His big surge turned out to be 3 bureaucrats, hidden away in an office in Calais, almost impossible to find, directing people to go to Paris and giving them a kit-kat!

Proud to be British!!

Meanwhile, the war in Ukraine is bogging down. Russian death squads are roaming Kyiv looking to kill their President Zelitski. Just imagine if we sent death squads to Russia to kill Putin??? Another General has been killed. The Ukrainians are fighting madly. The 40-mile column is under attack and getting nowhere. The body count rises as Russian artillery and missile blow Ukrainian cities to rubble!!

Thousands are arrested in Russia for protesting. 1000s of body bags are going back to Russia. Captured troops tell of being told misinformation about the invasion. The Russian propaganda machine is in full swing. It’s not a war; it’s a military campaign to free the Ukrainian people from neo-Nazis.

Straight out of 1984. Black is white.

The neo-Nazi war criminal is Putin. He’s deploying his Nazi police against his own people. Time they rose up again and kicked him out.

The threat of nuclear war looms. Jets were flying overhead as I took my walk. They are preparing. Shades of the Cuban Missile Crisis!!

Human beings are nasty, cruel and totally insane.

Meanwhile, out in the pandemic that no longer exists (in order to save Big Dog Turd) the numbers seem to be shooting up – 126,000 new cases with 140 more deaths.

Now it may well be the case that we have to live with this now and it’s a price worth paying for normality. If I was leader I would have explained it to the nation. I would have consulted the experts first and said something like this:

The vaccine programme delivered by our valiant NHS has now given us the opportunity to come out of this crisis. The Omicron variant is now dominant and not proving as lethal as earlier strains. Most people are not getting very ill at all. It is looking as if we will never actually achieve herd immunity because of the short-lived nature of the immune response and the fact that even vaccinated and asymptomatic people can pass on the disease. That means that the virus is always going to be with us. However, regularly vaccination of the most vulnerable coupled with new medicines mean that the hospitalisation and death rates have come right down. We feel they are now at a level that we are going to have to live with. The risks to individuals’ health, both physical and mental, from the restrictions we have had to impose now outweigh the risks from Covid-19. For that reason we are removing all restrictions and getting the country back to normal.

The pandemic is not over, and, in all likelihood, will never be over. We must learn to live with it and take necessary precautions. I would urge you to continue to wash hands, distance and wear masks indoors to slow the spread of the disease, but – we are finally able to get back to normal.

Thank you for all your sterling efforts over the last two years of this terrible pandemic.

If only we had a leader who could lead, who wasn’t hiding in fridges or wearing silly costumes, who would appear on TV, be knowledgeable and statesman-like.

Instead, we have a useless ignorant clown.

Stay safe!!!

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