The Corona Diaries – Day 744

It was a cold day in Yorkshire. It feels strange to have the house to ourselves again – kinda empty. Kids eh? Who’d have ’em? Not just for Christmas! Drive you mad but ……………….

After the exertions of yesterday I had a quiet day in. I’ve been writing some poems, listening to Gang of Four, watching the news, reading my Jasper Fforde book and sitting in front of a warm wood fire. Nice.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our clown is still trying to be Churchill. The war has been his saviour.

Plenty of costume opportunities and, once again, he is safe from interrogation about all those lies and sleaze. Couldn’t have been better if he’d organised it himself. He didn’t did he? He’s not that close to Putin is he? Surely not?

Mind you, the Russian connection has thrown up another problem for him and the Tories. They now have to explain why they were so close to all those Russian Oligarchs, allowed all that dirty money into London, gave out peerages and filled their coffers with filthy Russian money. They don’t really have to explain though do they? We know why! To a Tory cash is cash wherever and however. Cash is the only thing that matters!!

The problems are mounting up aren’t they?

Lies about Brexit.

An inept Brexit deal.

Covid incompetence, panic and complacency (what a combination!)

PPE illegal contracts

Cash for meetings

Cash for peerages

Illegal lobbying

Scandalous second jobs


Dubious donations for wallpaper, holidays, expensive wines and meals

Illegal prorogation

Let the bodies pile up

One rule for us, one rule for them

Lying to the Queen

Lying to the House

Lying about everything, constantly

Then we have the ineptitude, looking like Wurzel Gummidge, the silly soundbites, ridiculous dressing up, lack of leadership, lack of intelligence, lack of honesty, lack of scrutiny, lack of responsibility, lack of accountability.

I’ve probably missed half of it out!! The sleaze and corruption is endless. Have we ever had a worse government? I think not.

So, yesterday, in this pandemic that we pretend is over in order to save Boris Johnson, there were another 44,806 new cases with another 110 deaths.

The worldwide death rate passed 6 million!

Research is going on to find new treatments. The analysis of DNA of those who have had it badly, or died, show some genetic factors at work. It appears that certain DNA mutations are involved. This could lead to the rapid identification of those most at risk as well as the development of new medicines. That would be good.

Other studies have found that covid badly affects brains. MRI scans show shrinkage. Boris Johnson, who has had covid badly, of course, is immune to this effect. His brain cannot get much smaller.

Stay safe!!! Nuclear radiation kills microbes!

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