19 thoughts on “Ukraine and the Tories

  1. The cartoon says it all Opher. Disgusting, vile woman! Send her to the Ukrainian front-line armed only with her unfortunate smirk, I’m sure she’ll soon change her mind on receiving refugees into U.K without restriction.


      1. Yes she did, and was also co-author of Britannia Unchained alongside Kwasi Kwarteng, Dominic Raab, Chris Skidmore and Elizabeth Truss. Competent lunatics, and teat-sucking sycophants one and all.

        That Patel is supported by the very worst U.K P.M – I’ll stick with Prit – in political history should surprise no-one. Obvious to all the world is that the Tories really are the nasty party and unashamedly proud of it as well.


      2. The electorate are so easily manipulated by hollow Tory rhetoric, false promises, and continuous media lies.

        But yet, it still amazes me that educated people are sufficiently deluded to vote for the populist choice.

        It is an impediment to social progress that the U.K has a broken two-party political system of alleged democracy. Neither of the two main parties offer solutions, or have sufficient vision to move the U.K forward. I don’t trust Starmer on any level…Tory Blue Labour (or even Lib Dem/Labour) are no viable alternative to conservatism: both are led by knights of the realm: darlings of the establishment.


      3. That the U.K had to be pushed, kicking and screaming into supporting Ukrainian refugees seeking safe-haven from war says everything about the true depth of Tory compassion for the suffering of others. The clown P.M is now suggesting that business and U.K citizens could support refugees rather than the state, whose money is better spent giving tax-breaks to billionaires. Why rely on charity when the quickest solution would be to tax the billionaire companies engaging in tax-avoidance, but operational in the U.K and use their money. Make the likes of slithy Rees-Mogg with millions stashed away pay their taxes to support humanitarian aid.

        That BoJo delayed, and continues to delay imposing sanctions on all oligarchs using the U.K to assist in their wealth-making – like Abramovich – illustrates how reluctant the Tories are to lose their ill-gotten funding. When for example will the seizure of oligarch homes and their material possessions take place? How many oligarchs on Truss’s ‘hit-list’ have been hit? How many others are slipping through the net? The public want to know who has been responsible for funding the Tories whilst funding Putin. (On which note, MP Chris Bryant, is urging politicians – the Tory government – to state the name of oligarchs targeted and disclose the nature of sanctions in the commons where they have parliamentary privilege and cannot be sued by oligarch lawyers. He is right to demand this.)


      4. Most, if not all of them, put there by the Tories. I wonder why?

        As our clown P.M grabs opportunity for sound-bites in Europe – in an attempt to portray himself as important – and suggests at necessary changes in security provision in Europe, I can’t but help think the U.K needs extensive security provisions put in place to save us from this Tory government’s corruption, sleaze and lies.


      5. Indeed! And whilst Starmer wraps himself up in Union flags, let’s not forget about Labour’s other darling, Peter Mandelson, with his links to Russia and Putin.

        And now alleged news that David Lammy MP (Labour) also took money from the Russian owned broadcaster RT for appearances on shows.

        Filthy Russian money is everywhere, and it has ensnared many with its appeal. Little wonder they call our capital, Londongrad.


      6. Yes – unfortunately in these elections it is a choice between the lesser of two evils. Mandelson was a creep!! But, even so, Labour is far superior to Tory.

    1. Every politician that ever supported an aggressive war deserves to be sent to the front line – of that war, and of any subsequent one – without food or weapons.

      1. I’d support that Neil. But I’d give them the same food and weapons as the ones they send there! At least in olden days the King was out there in the midst of the battle!

      2. There is certainly something to be said for demanding such affirmative action Neil.

        But would they really learn if ever confronted first-hand by unspeakable devastation and human tragedy?


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