Putin – the Tyrant Dictator – Says one thing – Does another!

One minute the Ukrainians are brothers, fellow Russians, requiring liberation from a neo-fascist dictatorship, the next minute they are hideous enemies to be pounded with cluster bombs.

There’s only one neo-fascist dictator in sight – It’s the one ordering attacks on women and children!

Rise up brave Russian People!! Only you can put an end to your tyranny. You did it with the Czars! Now do it with Putin and the oligarchs. They are just as bad!!

Soldiers – you are killing your own!!

2 thoughts on “Putin – the Tyrant Dictator – Says one thing – Does another!

  1. There is a vast propaganda machine pumping out spurious nonsense in Russia. The Russian people are being repeatedly lied to. The security forces are clamping down hard and fast on those protesting, and all media channels are being blocked. But yet, the Russian people still come out in support of their friendly neighbour. That has to be acknowledged and admired by the Western world. The Russian people are not to blame for Putin’s atrocities.


    1. I think there is a point where people don’t care about consequences. That’s when the secret police and all their oppressive Nazi tactics fail. Power to the people!!

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