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Poetry – Humanz



The most stupid, intelligent animal on the planet,

Breeding in numbers exceeding the reasonable

And still increasing.

Hellbent on its own destruction.

Placing its efforts into selfish acquisition

Regardless of the results.

Like a bacterial scum

Spreading over the surface,

Digesting every living thing in its path;

An acid bath dissolving flesh;

A primate necrotizing faciitis of the animal kingdom;

A plague upon the earth.

The most stupid, intelligent animal on the planet.


Opher – 20.4.2020

Intelligence must involve the ability to look ahead and see the end result of our actions.

Seemingly we are not intelligent. We have a great deal of trouble seeing ahead. If we were able, we surely would not continue on this road of reckless stupidity.

We are spreading over the surface of the planet like a spilt acid – dissolving all nature in our path.

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