The Corona Diaries – Day 736

Yesterday I thought that this coronavirus was over. Apart from feeling a little tired and slightly dissociated I felt back to normal. Today I woke up feeling really muzzy with a snotty nose and congested sinuses. Just goes to show that this won’t be over until the last germ wings.

Feeling a lot better as the day progresses. Nearly back to normal. I was talking to our neighbour who had covid at the beginning of last summer. He said that it completely knocked out his sense of smell and taste for eight weeks. It did come back but he still has a taste of diesel all the time that is very offputting. The effects of this virus can linger for a long time! It goes very up and down!

On the positive side we now should have good immunity for the next eight to twelve weeks so we can mix without any worries.

While yesterday was really warm with blue skies and sunshine today was gloomy, overcast with a drop or two of drizzle. We went for a walk into Driffield. The ice cream parlour was shut!! Forgot it was Monday closing! Had to make do with a coffee.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, we are now being threatened with nuclear annihilation. Putin, getting frustrated that the Ukrainians are kicking his arse now wants to take on the rest of the world in a game of mass extinction. This is a man who can’t handle defeat!!

In Ukraine there are reports of abandoned tanks, destroyed columns, massive casualties, starving troops, shot down planes, defections, soldiers refusing to fight – all signs of a poorly organised campaign and a demoralised army that has no heart in this war. They’ve been driven back out of airfields and cities, are wandering around lost and being blown up.

No wonder Putin finds this an embarrassment. This is meant to be one of the world’s superpowers. They are being taken apart by Ukrainian civilians!! They have no logistical support. They are running out of fuel, ammunition and food!

Some planning.

The problem is that with an unstable autocrat in charge he is capable of anything. A rat trapped in a corner. Will he go nuclear? Will his generals support that? Will the Russian public put up with this madness much longer?

I’ve watched the protests in the Russian cities. They are getting bolder. I’m hearing tales of banks running out of money, massive queues to make withdrawals. Of the rouble devalued by 20%. Of price rises and shortages.

I watched the silly TV theatre of Putin with his cabinet, calling them out one at a time to back his recognition of the sovereignty of those Ukrainian regions.

They all looked terrified of him. It’s quite clear that Putin will never get any objective views from any of them. They’ll just tell him what he wants to hear. Yes – the invasion will be over in a day or two. No the rest of the world won’t impose sanctions.

The war is costing Russia £15 billion a day. Heaven knows the cost of destroyed military hardware. Then there’s the cost of the sanctions. He might have a £263 billion war chest but that will melt away pretty quickly.

The Russian people are likely to become more and more vociferous as the costs start mounting and the body bags start coming home. One transport plane shot down had 100 paratroopers on board. This could mean the end for Putin and his muppets. Has he badly miscalculated?

But we all know that desperate men do desperate things. Scary times!!

Who knows what the real situation is. Is it all propaganda??

One thing is sure President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine is showing all those pseudo leaders, those populist twerps like Johnson and Trump, what true leadership is like. He’s not hiding in fridges or doing photo shoots in Hi-vis. He’s not speaking in silly soundbites. He is out there talking to people, putting his life on the line, inspiring and leading!!

The irony is that he was a comedian. He’s now a statesman, leader and inspiration – like Churchill!

We have an overprivileged twerp who was taught in his public schools to be superior, to lead and be a statesman, who pretends to be Churchill, but is invisible, useless, hides away, makes up silly slogans and has as much inspiring leadership as kipper custard.

They couldn’t be more different! Ukraine has got Sir Galahad and we’ve got Wurzel Gummidge!!

The really sad thing is that all this horror has completely obliterated the whole business of Johnson, his law-breaking, lying and arrogance. It’s letting this lying twerp off the hook. The attention has moved from Sue Gray, the MET report and the letters into the 1922 committee. The incompetent lying twerp looks like getting away with it yet again!! Unbelievable!!

As for Starmer – he should be out of sight but isn’t. When are Labour going to wake up?? We so desperately need a viable opposition!! This sleazy lot of corrupt maniacs need booting out!! They are the worst government in history!!

As for the pandemic that is now officially over – I can’t find any data for yesterday on new cases and deaths. That’s very convenient, isn’t it? No need to worry Johnson says it’s all over. We don’t need scientists or data!!

Stay safe!! A blast of nuclear radiation will kill all the bugs!!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 736

  1. Opher – I too have the greatest respect for Zelenskiy: in every true sense an inspirational leader, a brave and courageous man. The Ukrainians are to be praised for their indomitable, unfaltering spirit and courage.

    Ukraine deserves its place in NATO, as do Finland and Sweden. (Switzerland remains neutral…but have aligned themselves with EU sanctions.) If accession is quickly granted to Ukraine, then why not consider other EU nations as well? Realistically, who knows which country might become potential Putin targets next as he looks to reclaim the territory lost after the dissolution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). Putin is said to have disliked NATO’s continuous expansion east, so the quicker the EU and U.S get to it, the sooner they can collectively close down the borders of what is left economically and politically of Putin’s Russia.

    I think it was a Swiss politician or minister who has suggested Putin will not engage nuclear weapons. I’m not so sure he’s right. I think there’s every possibility Putin’s threat will escalate further, and more quickly, in a similar way to the invasion itself which now includes indiscriminate shelling of key cities as opposed to strategic shelling of military targets. Financially Russia is starting to collapse, economically it is being boycotted in a multitude of ways by nations world-wide, and it’s also likely Putin will be tried and convicted of war crimes in the Hague: there will soon be nothing left of Russia for Putin. Win, lose, or withdraw (unlikely), he has nothing to lose by demanding the lifting of all sanctions else he’s going out with a bang.

    As much as I loathed to say it, I agree (undoubtedly for the very last time!) with our clown P.M when he said the Russian people themselves are not to blame for Putin’s war in Ukraine. When Russia falls apart, it is the people who will suffer as a consequence. I hope nations holding Putin’s wealth will ensure there provision made for the Russian people.

    If Putin were defeated in Ukraine, what price do they put on the destruction and death he has caused in Ukraine?

    Starmer should have wiped the floor with BoJo well before the Ukraine war. As it was he didn’t even try, and for now at least, whilst war rages, he’s obliged to relent from exposing the PM’s criminality, sleaze, corruption, and lying, and support the U.K’s rightful condemnation of the war, and its unfaltering support for Ukraine. Unfaltering that is until Priti Patel places limits on Ukraine refugees and restraints on their ability to enter the U.K as refugees of war. She is a nasty piece of work perfectly suited to the nasty Tory Party.

    A colleague said much the same thing as you Opher about radiation being a cure for bugs, and Covid, whilst another thought the radiation would keep us warm so we don’t have to heat our homes (or cook!) and hence won’t feel the financial impact of price rises in fuel and energy. I guess there is humorous logic to the whole grim, distant, possibility of it.

    As you venture out, are you cautious about Covid? Do you wear a mask in indoor spaces and keep your distance a little from others (perhaps unconsciously?), or are you now back in the same stride as before? Around here, I think mask-wearing has dropped significantly to about 2 in 10 people, and groups are back in fashion.

    So, if the very worst happened, and it did come to the beginning of the end of life on Earth as we know it, what would you do if given a 4 minute warning of a nuclear strike on the U.K? (Assume you were at home)


    1. I don’t think Russia has the economy to support war on a grand scale. Ukraine is exposing all its weaknesses. This will test them to their limits. It they brought the collective might of NATO down on them they would be crushed. The nuclear threat is the real danger.
      I often wonder that, given the unstable nature of Putin, if the USA thought they could take out all Russia’s nuclear capability (knew where all the subs were and mobile missiles, whether they would be tempted to try a preemptive strike. Wouldn’t surprise me.
      If there was a four-minute warning I don’t think I’d believe it. I’d try and get a novel written!!
      When we’ve finally destroyed everything life will recreate itself into just as splendid an array. We’ll be a thin layer in the rocks.

      1. Putin has 6000 nuclear warheads. I don’t think a preemptive strike would work against such abundance. However, there are other ways to remove an unstable leader by force, but whether that’s likely is a different matter altogether.

        Regards the four-minute warning – I timed our kettle boiling this morning, less than two minutes. So a coffee is possible. I’ll drink that whilst waiting in a comfy chair with a good view of the rolling fields behind our house. If family are there, so much the better.

        When the nuclear holocaust ends, likely survivors will include some of the very people who hit the red-button in the first place. Earth will recover eventually, but human-kind will still be led by ignorance and greed.

        Win or lose in Ukraine, Putin’s warheads will possibly turn on NATO. A protracted war with NATO would not be in Putin’s best interests – nor in NATO’s – but he doesn’t need a huge war chest to fire his nuclear arsenal. He he goes that far, Russia can’t be a consideration for him at all. It’d be flattened in a matter of minutes.

        Sad days, scary times. All eyes are on Europe: our hearts are with the Ukrainian people.


      2. I hope that even Putin knows that nuclear war is mutual suicide and plain stupid. If not him then I hope his generals see the stupidity and take it out of his hands.

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