The Corona Diaries – Day 735

I work up today feeling pretty normal – at least what passes for normal in my universe. I jumped out of bed and rushed downstairs to take a covid test (well, at least I staggered to the loo, had a shower, got dressed and wandered down and thought I’d take a test! – that’s my version of jumping out of bed!).

At first the test was negative with a very clear C line and nothing else. I noticed that after 30 minutes, when I came back to have another look, there was the faintest of lines at the T. So I still do have a slight residual infection of covid loitering in my nasal cavity. Probably not sufficient to infect anybody but still not completely gone.

As the morning progressed I noticed the congestion in my head was building up a little. Not enough to cause major problems but it was there. But then again, you don’t know if you are just being overly analytical. Maybe I always feel like this and don’t normally pay it any regard?

I’m still coughing up a bit of phlegm though and I’m feeling tired. No completely back to normal, after all, but I know I have survived it!

In way of celebration, I dug out my Michael Chapman album and have been playing Fully Qualified Survivor. It seemed appropriate.

I then had a sit in the front room with the sun streaming through the window making it quite warm and cosy and read some of my Philip Roth book – I Married A Communist (an excellent and scary read – America allowed itself to be brainwashed against socialism and communism by McCarthy. The establishment are rampant and capitalism has run riot. It’s becoming more fascist by the minute. The end result is the biggest billionaire conman of all time – Trump.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our chump does not want to upset his donors by coming down on Russia too hard. There are billions at stake. He’ll probably lie a lot and hide in fridges, then he’ll come out in a hi-vis jacket and pretend to fly a fighter jet. There are a few things he won’t do. He won’t do anything that smacks of real leadership. He won’t say anything worth hearing. He will tell us that the trivial responses he is doing are all world-beating and he has a batch of oven-ready plans that he hasn’t quite thought of yet.

Out in Russia Putin is a danger to the whole world. He’s backed into a corner as his offensive bogs down and the costs and attrition mount. This could go two ways. He’ll either be forced to negotiate a truce or he’ll up the ante and use more lethal force. For a maniac like him to have his finger on the nuclear button is a worry. Russian thermobarbic missiles and bombs are a really nasty development. They should be named thermo barbaric. If he uses them he will progress to the upper echelons of monsters. Remember, a short while ago he was saying that the Ukrainians were Russian. They were indistinguishable. He was going in to save. I hope that doesn’t mean what the US meant when they went into Vietnam. Save ’em by frying them alive???


The Russian people need to rise up on mass and condemn him, throw him out of office and bring in a different culture – one more up to date, more suited to the 21st century. Surely Russia has had enough of being a third world country with billionaire oligarchs and miserable poverty. Something needs to change. Russia needs to come in from the cold!! It’s not working.

Neither is our covid policy!! Neither is Brexit!! Neither is this greedy sleazy government!! Time for change here too!!

We’ve still got a high level of infection in this Pandemic that is supposed to be over. We still have many deaths.

Time for a grown-up debate on how we go forward. Time for leadership and direction. Time for strategy. The ostrich strategy is not a plan!!

Stay safe. If Johnson gets involved with foreign policy with Russia we could find ourselves blown to smithereens. Incompetence rules!!!

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