The Corona Diaries – Day 733

As a battle rages in Europe, there is another battle raging in my nasal cavities. It is one I am slowly winning.

I’m still muzzy with congested sinuses and by the afternoon I’m overcome with lethargy and fatigue – but it’s gradually improving!

The sun is shining and the temperature shot up to 12 degrees so we went for a walk up my hill. It’s the first time I’ve done that since I went down with Covid over a week ago. I managed it quite well and was feeling a lot perkier.

Back home I’ve been listening to some antiwar songs and reading my Philip Roth book – I Married a Communist. It’s an excellent book that brings home the doublethink of US society. In the land of the free, you are allowed to believe in what you like, practise whatever religion and politics you choose – as long as it is what you are told to believe in, think and do. Believing in equality and fairness is a sin. If you’re not a capitalist Christian you get shat on. That’s American freedom.

Glad I’m in the UK – at least we are a shade freer here!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, the world has turned upside down. The Russians, under Putin, have waded into Ukraine with all missiles blazing. It’s the start of something a lot nastier. This isn’t going to stop in Ukraine. We’re in a new ballgame. The Iron Curtain is back. We’ll see what develops. Are we going to have another arms race? Are we going to completely cut off Russia? Will Russia form a stronger attachment to China to oppose the West? What is China’s long-term thinking? Are they pleased with this? How big a price is Russia going to pay for this act of barbarity? Will it be frozen out of civilised trade, cut off from the world? Will the Russian people put up with this? Will there be a general uprising? How many Russian troops will be killed? How many missiles and tanks will be destroyed? What will the cost be? With an economy on par with that of Spain can Russia really pose a threat? Will all this escalate into something even bigger? Will the Baltic states be next in line?

So many questions.

Nobody will be happier with the situation than Boris Johnson. He’ll be thinking that this will blow him straight out of the news headlines. His law-breaking and lying will get lost in the haze of war. His furious backbenchers will not dare to sack him during such an emergency. I bet he’s partying in Number 10!! He’s hoping that by the time it all dies down it’ll all be forgotten. A few hours is a long time in politics.

Mind you there is Russiangate and that could be nasty. The Tory party has been hosting all manner of wealthy Russian oligarchs and accepting large donations too. Putin is bankrolling the Tory Party. And of course – all these donors don’t give their millions for nothing. It throws the whole sleazy operation into relief. The Tory Party has been offering meetings, peerages and favours for cash to all and sundry. It’s like watching the Mafia in action. We’ve become one of the most corrupt operations in the world. London is the capital of sleaze – money laundering, tax evasion, fraud – as long as they make their bungs to the right people and the money keeps rolling in. Wallpaper – you got it! All expenses paid holiday – you got it! Refurbishment, holidays, dinners, wine, cash – you got it!!

Perhaps Russiangate will bring it all out into the open?? Somehow I doubt it though. The media are being thoroughly controlled.

Of course, our resident clown doesn’t do interviews where he can be held to account. He does soundbites, photo ops and reads from autocues. It’s all he can be trusted to do. The newspapers are owned by the stinking rich, as are most TV and Radio stations and the BBC is being systematically gagged with its board loaded with Tories and its funding threatened.

So yesterday, in this Covid pandemic that no longer exists, there were another 41,130 new cases with 205 more deaths. All OK then!!

No need for SAGE or science. No need for Johnson to talk to the nation. Just carry on as usual. Get back to work and be prepared to die. Be grateful we’re not at war —– yet!!

It turns out that the government doshed out billions of our money to fraudsters. I suppose that’s only fair. They are being funded by criminals, they are criminals, so it’s only fair that they give back to criminals! Fairs fair!

Then there’s the stupid wastage. 2 million Astra Zeneca shots were destroyed because they were out of date. They could have gone to the Third World but who cares.

In the midst of war, covid, corruption and the calamity of Brexit we have a clodhopping clown to lead us.

Stay safe!!

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 733

  1. Keep going with the recovery, you’ll be up and at ’em in no time. The lethargy may linger, but elsewise it sounds like you over the worst. How’s your youngest doing?

    Reports, and speculation in the media point to Putin establishing regime change in Ukraine. If successful, the question remains what will he do next? The U.K is not the only nation to be sending troops to EU member states – possibly those neighboring Ukraine – and/or bolstering lethal and non-lethal weapons. Is this being done as a deterrent or in preparation of any potential Russian attack on another nation in Europe. The Baltic nations might well be anxious, but they are NATO members, since 2004, which is a whole different ballgame to invading a non-member state. Sadly, time will tell.

    Whilst threat of nuclear war is distant, there are growing fears as to what the Russians plan to do with Ukraine’s nuclear reactors, including, of course Chernobyl. Putin doesn’t have to unleash his nuclear arsenal or weapons of mass destruction, simply destroying the reactors would be cataclysmic.

    These are worrying times.


    1. Feeling almost back to normal today. Little congestion, slight cough and a little jaded!! But…………….. Much better!! It’s two weeks today since I started the first symptoms and ten days since I tested positive. I think I can safely say that the vaccines work. I may have become ill but it was never greatly debilitating.
      We’ll see what happens in Ukraine. These things change so quickly and escalate so fast. It sounds as if the Russians are suffering heavy casualties. Not as easy as they thought.
      Scary times.

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