Poetry – The Invisible Prison Guard

The Invisible Prison Guard

The blue summer sky

                And the new green shoots,

The fresh air

                Tasting new routes,

Seen through bars of the cells

Of our home;

Looking out at a land

Through which we no longer roam.

On the air

And in anything we touch

There’s an invisible prison guard

Keeping us in our hutch;

Away from families

And lost to friends

Until we heal

And the country mends.

Opher – 5.4.2020

Isolation is hard. We are gregarious creatures. We like meeting up with each other.

Fortunately we live in the countryside which means we can get out for walks. It doesn’t stop it feeling claustrophobic though.

Looking out through the window at an empty street. It feels that life has become restricted. Our world has shrunk.

Out there the sun is shining. It looks welcoming. It is hard to imagine that there might be invisible droplets of death lurking in the breeze.

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