The grand old Duke of York.

The wheels are coming off the establishment.

We have a government, floundering in lies, sleaze and corruption, subject to police enquiries and parliamentary enquiries for law-breaking.

We have the monarchy imploding into scandals of paedophile rings, corruption and intrigue.

It is like a corner of the veil has been lifted. We can peek at a world where this ruling 1% live by different rules. While we are subject to law and live our quiet little lives, they indulge in a licentious secret life.

On the face of it, they present a front of conservative respectability – all very prim and proper – all grey, boring and honourable – but behind that disguise, it’s a seething cauldron of drugs, sex and wild parties. They indulge their every whim. It’s party time! Laws, morals and codes of behaviour are for the little people. Behind that curtain, it’s a different world.

No doubt they’ll plug up the holes pretty soon, paper over the cracks and replace the veneer. It’ll go back to being secret!!

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