Poetry – Intrigue and Lies

Intrigue and Lies

The land of the free

                Is full of intrigue and lies,

Fake news,

                Hitmen and spies.

Where ends justify means

And there are just ‘hows’

And no ‘whys’.

In the land of the free

                The masses are controlled

With media gold


                                And people

Who are bought and sold.

To find the real truth

                We read between the lines,

                                Follow the money

And read the signs;

                Watching with whom

The enemy dines.

Opher – 5.4.2020

The intrigue, lies and disinformation that exists in this constant struggle between nations as they vie for power and supremacy.

I wish it would all end. Humans are so barbaric.

It’s like watching two dogs fighting to be leader of the pack.

Spies, dirty tricks, computer hacks, assassinations, media lies, propaganda. There’s no end to the secret war that is waged between countries – or the war that countries wage against their own people.

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