The Corona Diaries – Day 724

Welcome to the new normality – a windswept banana republic off the coast of Europe, inhabited by an arrogant elite who believe they can get away with murder and have. A once proud nation is now being stripped bare by profiteers. An island that exists for the good of the few. An island where the sheep vote for the reopening of the abattoir and cheer as it throws wide its doors. An island where the majority are herded into order by the Tory press who cajole, terrify and brainwash. An island beset by lies, deceit, corruption and law-breaking without a shred of honour, decorum or substance.

Welcome to the reality of global Britain. An insignificant place pretending to be something it never was.

Today was windy, really windy. It rained, poured and blew! They say that it is the worst storm in thirty years – but I think that must be up in Scotland. These are things we will need to get used to – alternating cold and warmth, bigger storms, more frequent storms, heavy tropical rainfall, changes in seasons, droughts, floods and heatwaves. Sounds great! At least, here in Johnsonland, we’ll be poorer and poorer but we won’t be driven out by extremes. Some places around the world are going to become uninhabitable. What are we going to do with a billion or two displaced people? Are we going to have wars over water, food and space??

Needless to say, the only walking I’ve done today was to nip to the shop for the paper. That was an experience.

I’ve stayed in and sorted through my photos for the Beefheart book while listening o some Bessie Smith. Not a bad day. Outside the wind howled and things banged.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland part of our illustrious elite, with a penchant for young girls and a friendship group that included paedophiles and procurers, paid off one of them with a cool £12 million. Probably didn’t much notice the loss. Now he doesn’t have to go to court to try to prove that he didn’t have sex with an underage girl.

If you are part of the elite, or a Tory politician, you are immune. You can do what you like. You can lie, break laws and arrogantly do anything. There is little scrutiny and no accountability. The media spin it round and everybody forgives and forgets. That’s global Britain!! Ruled by the elite for the elite! A land of inequality where millions are thrown into extreme poverty so that a small number can stuff billions into the Cayman Islands.

It was always thus – but now we vote for it!

So, there were another 54,218 new cases with 199 deaths in this pandemic that we are pretending is over so that Johnson can stay in office!

Heaven knows what the real figures are. Liz had to report her positive test and that meant a mound of bureaucratic shite (typical of Tory global Britain – we’re drowning in it). The questions were interminable. I bet most people take one look at it and can’t be arsed. this bureaucracy is self-defeating. It’s the same everywhere – when it becomes too burdensome people just look for ways around it. In teaching, we were put through the Tory mincer and had to justify everything we did because they didn’t trust us. You spent more time on paperwork than you did teaching kids. No wonder everyone either goes for meaningless shortcuts or gets out of teaching. All pointless!

So we have crooks selling fake testing kits, crooks moving into internet fraud, conmen selling jabs. There are millions of pounds going into the pockets of internet thieves. Mind you, the real conmen, tricksters and thieves are in government with illegal contracts, illegal lobbying and cash for peerages, knighthood and audiences. They are not dealing in mere millions; they are dealing in billions. Strange that despite case after case of lawbreaking nobody ever ends up in court!

I wonder how Sajid’s brother is doing with that MET report??

It’s like America, isn’t it? Trump is still refusing to pay taxes or release his tax records, he’s been shredding documents on an industrial scale. Yet half the bloody country think that grifter is the best thing since sliced bread. Unbelievable. He’s the biggest crook on the planet!

I bet Johnson will be telling us how his wonderful diplomacy sent Russia packing. Ho Ho. I was reading what the Russian media was saying about our clown, his government and Liz Truss. They are laughing their heads off.

The Russians did everything they could to get Brexit done. They wanted to break up the EU and weaken the UK. They did everything they could to get Trump and Johnson elected. They succeeded. The USA is melting into division and stalemate. The EU is weaker. The UK is a spent force. They are laughing their heads off. Now they’re sucking up to China. The transfer of power. That’s what history teaches us!

So stay safe!! The good news is that they’ll be plenty of bananas (once the climate warms some more). The bad news is that you’ll have no money to buy them and you’ll be standing on tip-toe because of reduced landmass and mass immigration from uninhabitable lands. Never mind. It’s what you voted for! Seizing back control and putting it in the hands of the elite!!

Great stuff!!

8 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 724

  1. An all encompassing read Opher. I think you covered just about everything of significance headlining nationally today. Your opening salvo, Global Britain, sums our current state of affairs well. The U.K is becoming increasingly insignificant, an outlier on the world stage laughed at by the international press.

    Despairing times indeed. The world is a mess. The U.K is heading over a cliff on a hand-rail, Europe is on the edge of war, and who knows what’ll happen across the big puddle if the GOP win the next GE. Russia and China transferring power between them would form a formidable opponent, with massive capability.

    Politics in the U.K is (again) exposed as dirty and grubby, sleazy, and underhand, but what to do about it is the question? The irony is that those same politicians involved in wrongful activity sit in judgement of others: they police themselves, and until that changes the opportunity for spurious behaviour will continue unabated. Politics itself needs radical change as to the (mechanisms of) governance of those who govern.

    I read the GMB are considering their position regards funding the Labour Party under Starmer. He is losing support by the Unions very quickly. Should the GMB go ahead, perhaps other unions will follow suite and withdraw financial support from Labour, who are already low on members, funds, and funding. I’ve seen it suggested Starmer has been unable to attract high-funding donors. If all unions pull funding, perhaps then is the time to bring forward the suggestion of funding political parties solely through the tax system. Perhaps that might also encourage reforms on tax-avoidance – political parties need ever increasing amounts of money – and prohibit private wealth, and private equity, significantly influencing political policy for favourable gain.

    We wait, as if stagnating for the release of the Met’s report into Partygate, and for Grey’s report to then follow. The clown will protest his innocence – he doesn’t have to report paying a fine (paying a fine doesn’t constitute admittance of guilt) – but we know he’ll lie. It’s then down to the media – already prepped and primed? – to spin it, MP’s to support it, and the P.M to win any vote of no confidence. Much hangs on the outcome, and much could change between now and the clown making any statement. (Like a very revelatory photo being published by the media just before the clown makes a public denial!) Time, and good timing, will tell.

    Climate change, shrinking land-masses, exponential population growth, finite resources, finite fresh water, spiraling debt, famine, political turmoil, tens of millions migrating annually, globally, by 2050 from unihabitable lands seeking settlement in cities. One wonders how this is all going to shake-out!? (You ever seen the Mel Gibson film, Mad Max?)


    1. Yes I think we are heading for a world much like Mad Max. What is going on now is becoming more violent and surreal by the minute. The phenomenon of populism with the likes of Trump, Johnson, Bolsonaro and the rest, the great lurch to the extreme right, the rise of conspiracy and fake news, the denial of science, the rise of superstition and belief in the absurd – we have become completely bonkers.

      1. It’s a world getting crazier and crazier by the day.

        Thought you’d appreciate this article in Skwawkbox: ‘Govt tells teachers they’re not allowed to teach children that what it’s doing is wrong.’ (1)

        The thought control police have arrived!!!

        Welcome to the desperate world of U.K Tory politics. They can’t win fairly, so they try to distort minds.


        (1) –

      2. Yes, I’ve been reading about this. They really are trying to sneakily put their tendrils into all walks of life. Get them young. That’s what religions do. Brainwash the kids. The BBC is left-wing – threaten it with closure, chop its money, make them afraid. The teachers are all leftie villains indoctrinating kids – banish woke!! The empire was great!! Winston Churchill might have been a drunk racist who bungled Gallipoli (let’s not talk about all that – or his views on the empire) but he saved us in WW2.
        What a bunch of extreme right-wing creeps this government is – corrupt to the core.

      3. In certain U.S states (Texas for example) there has been an acceleration of attempted book-bans from school classrooms because its content is claimed to be offensive and/or woke to the minority. Fully supported by right-wing ideology that is attempting to rewrite history, suppress views and discussion on a range of topics, constrict education, and enforce a world-view those in power demand others must have. Freedom to learn is, in effect, threatened.

        Quite naturally, I’m sure Starmer will agree with the Tories: the true history of the U.K must be sanitised in order to promote the disturbing views of a ruling minority, maintain the power of the Establishment, instill further division, dumb down society, and attempt to homogenize the political affiliations of the the electorate.


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