The Corona Diaries – Day 719

A great winter’s day in Yorkshire – sunshine and blue skies. Started with a heavy frost but later in the morning did not feel too cold.

I went for a walk up my hill and noticed that the songbirds were singing loudly. It’s all coming to life.

Meanwhile, Out in Coronaland, things are still boiling for Boris Johnson our clown in charge. There is open warfare in the Tory Party. John Major took him to pieces with a speech in which he called him a liar and the people supporting the indefensible just as guilty. That is two past leaders who have torn him to pieces. The old Tory Party has an open hatred for these populist extremists who have taken over their party and they can barely contain their contempt for the fool in charge who they see as immoral and contemptible.

On top of that Johnson has been warned that any verdict of lawbreaking by the MET police will be enough to trigger a leadership challenge resulting from a vote of no confidence.

It’s hard to see how the MET can not find him guilty as charged. If they don’t then everyone will consider it a complete whitewash. His reputation will be forever tarnished.

Whatever happens he will go down in history as the most sleazy, self-serving liar of a Prime Minister we’ve ever had. The man is a slovenly nincompoop of a jester conman who is making us a laughing stock abroad.

It’s embarrassing. We sent out the mighty Liz Truss to confront the Russians. They were quaking. They looked across at the UK with a clown for a leader, looked at Liz Truss and shook their heads. How on earth did a nation that used to carry clout sink to such a low. They laughed at her. The whole foreign press is lampooning us.

So today there were another 163,000 new cases with 205 deaths in this pandemic that has ended. A report says the real figure is around 280,500 cases a day – but we’re not testing enough to know!!

The BA2 variant is spreading nicely.

Our clown, like Trump before him, knows better than our scientists though. Don’t worry!!

Oh, and a third of those above 65 who get the disease have to have medical follow-up for brain, heart, kidney problems or severe fatigue. So that’s OK. They’re just old codgers. They don’t count.

The three million with immune problems or underlying health problems can ‘Stay indoors to Save Boris’. They’ll be glad to sacrifice their lives for his wallpaper!!

Be glad!! Rejoice!! The pandemic is over!!

Believe the LIAR!!! Do as you are told!!

Stay safe!!!

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