Poetry – I’m a Corona Virus

I’m a Corona Virus

I’m a Corona virus.

I love it in your lungs.

Landing in your nose

Or on your furry tongues!

I cause an inflammation

That fills your lungs with gunk

So that every time you cough

You’re throwing out a chunk!

I don’t like old people

Or those who are frail

And you haven’t got a vaccine

To get you out of jail!

I’m a Corona virus

And I’m busy having fun!

You thought that I was fake news

But I get the business done!

More to life than profit

You cannot buy me off!

Listen to the experts

As you begin to cough!

Opher – 16.3.2020

I wrote this for all those ignorant deniers who still think it’s a hoax or a Democrat plot and that isolation and social distancing are a commie plot. They’re out there holding rallies to get back to work without a clue of the risk or impact on the poor health service.

This is a killer virus. Its impact is immense. They should stop listening to the insane pontifications of their mighty leader and start listening to the experts for a change!!

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