The Corona Diaries – Day 718

A beautiful sunny day in Yorkshire – if a tad on the cold side. One of my mates came round for a walk up my hill. We had a good clear view over to the sea, watched a kestrel hunting in the fields and were lucky enough to get a red kite landing in a tree near us. Fabulous bird!

I think we did enough talking to put the world to rights. He’s an economist so he had a lot to say about the disaster of Brexit and how much that is costing us. What a disaster.

The saddest thing is that he says the people in Hull still think Johnson has done a good job. Unbelievable. What does it take to wake people up??

Could anyone have done a worse job?? I don’t think so. Even Coco the clown would have made better decisions. What is wrong with people. They are being shafted by these smarmy conmen and they vote for more of the same!! Sheer lunacy!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland Johnson is busy trying to wriggle off the hook. He’s managed to get through to the recess. The heat is cooling down. The Tory Press have decided to stick with him and are now backing him. It’ll all blow over. The backbenchers know they only have one stab at this or he is immune for a year.

There are a few traps laid down the road:

The MET will report. Cressida Dick jumped in to save him earlier but she’s under big pressure. Can she possibly do it again? Can Javid’s brother pull off another whitewash? Will the public have cooled down by then?

That’ll be followed by the unredacted Sue Gray report.

Then we have the May council elections which, according to opinion polls (which, if there is any justice), the Tories should get a hammering.

Then we’ll have a review of Covid handling, which surely must highlight the atrocious move of ill patients back into Care Homes (remember that Ring of Protection they were throwing around Care Homes??), the multibillion illegal untendered contracts to their chums, the £9.6 Billion wasted on unusable PPE, the giving away of billions to fake firms, the highest death rate, the worst-hit economy, the lack of border control, the Delta variant being allowed in from India due to lax border controls – I could go on – useless apps, useless Track and Trace…………. many tens of billions wasted!!

Then there will eventually be a report on Brexit! What a shipwreck!! A deal so badly negotiated that it is costing us an arm and leg and drowning us in red-tape. Current cost – £30 billion a year. Instead of £350 million a week coming back from the EU we have an enormous nett loss. We have firms going bust, companies moving abroad – Project Fear has become Project Reality – while profiteers like Rees-Mogg have made a fortune. Surely this must all come out?

Then we have the price rises and inflation.

Then the massive energy hikes.

Then the Tax rises and National Insurance rises.

The cost of living is already shoving people onto the streets, putting millions into poverty, making Food Banks a growth industry and causing a big 14% rise in crime.

If this incompetent clown survives that then all I can say is that the Tory Party has no morality or values left and the British Public are a bunch of imbeciles. Surely even our Tory gutter-press can’t support such a bunch of selfish toss-pots??

so, our clown announced that the pandemic would be officially over in two weeks time! All restrictions will be removed!

This is incredible! There is absolutely nothing scientific about this decision. It is another off the cuff political move by Johnson without consultation or due process, entirely geared to saving his hide!!

Yesterday there were another 68,214 new cases with 276 deaths. That does not sound as if this pandemic is over to me!!

It may well be that Omicron is not as dangerous as Delta but it is still hospitalising a lot of people. It may be that we are moving towards herd immunity but we are not there, Indeed, scientists are predicting further variants will arise (some may evade vaccines and be much more severe) and there will be further surges.

I would be much happier if Johnson’s had a sound medical basis. They don’t.

All Johnson cares about is power. Let the bodies pile up!!

Prince Charles has tested positive and met with the Queen recently! Hmmmm. I wonder if both of them will be joining the massive NHS backlog??

Stay Safe!! Your end is nigh!!

3 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 718

  1. I know your comment ‘can anyone do worse?’ was rhetorical however I am fairly sure that our lout, charlatan, and seditionist would be the one. And having said that I must pause and apologize to louts and charlatans for associating them with the one who should never have been elected. Besides trying to overthrow our democracy he has thoroughly set the stage to overkill us in this covid19 pandemic. For a country that (falsely) claims the greatest medical system in the world we certainly have under performed in all terms of transmission, hospitalization, and mortality with this disease. Meanwhile he has inspired his soulless minions to corrupt election laws throughout the country so that our coming elections are going to make January 6 look like a hiccup. He who should never have been elected continues to do worse on a daily basis. Nero only fiddled while Rome burned. This clown has the world’s largest front end loader dumping fuel on the fire while trying to turn our government into his autocracy. But hey he swore an oath to defend the Constitution.

    1. I think this guy to whom swearing is common practice. He’s made a mockery of everything he’s been involved with. He is a tremendous embarrassment. His lying is so blatant it is beyond belief. I remain stupefied that so many are taken in by this lying entitled conman.

  2. Opher – So, Dame Cressida Dick has gone! Fired by the London Mayor. Seems he’d had enough of scandal and mayhem. But the question now arises: who’ll be her replacement, and how will that impact on Partygate? Might the Met’s investigation be stopped? Will release of Gray’s Report be further delayed? I find it plausible to assume London Mayor Khan will be keen to appoint someone in whom he can have confidence, in all ways. I hope it won’t take long to find a replacement for Dick, every delay gives the clown another day to many in office. The public want justice to be done, and full transparency with the Met and Gray reports!

    It feels wrong to be lifting all Covid restrictions in two weeks. The absence of either Vallance or Whitty in the media isn’t particularly reassuring either. It suggests neither of them want anything more to do with the lying P.M, and who could blame them: they’ve their reputations to protect. The clown is going it alone, sacrificing a few thousand more people on the altar of libertarianism to appease his back-benchers and save his own skin. He’s chasing votes, whilst creating a distraction from scandals of sleaze, corruption, law-breaking, and Partygate.

    In the U.S state after state (mainly Republican) are rescinding the federal mask-wearing mandate. It’s a catastrophe just waiting to happen. If other states follow suit, case numbers are going to rocket.

    Seems to me, with the slow demise of Covid restrictions across the world, transmission of Omicron is going to be rapid everywhere, but yet, current stats suggest only 61.6% of the world’s population has received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. 10.3 billion doses have been administered globally, and 26.16 million are now administered each day. Only 10.6% of people in low-income countries have received at least one dose (1) As a consequence of vaccine inequality, it looks as though Omicron could be around for quite a while yet. Mutations will surely come in time.

    Given the U.K’s involvement in Nato; should war break out in Europe, do you think any possible vote of no confidence in BoJo would be delayed until a ceasefire is declared.?


    (1) –

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