Poetry – Synergy


The synergy of gasses;

            The synergy of life –

Expressed in droplets

            That glisten in the sun;

                        A beacon in the universe.

Fine droplets,

            Creating rainbows

                        Of delight;

The essence of love.

Every wave that crashes on the shore,

            Every stream that trickles,

                        Every raindrop that falls,

Is an expression of that mystical essence.

For within us all

            Lies that iridescence

                        Of spiritual rainbows,

            That flow and sparkle;

Born of a synergy

            From which

                        We are its greatest expression.

Opher – 13.3.2020

Water. The basis of life.

We live on a water world. Two thirds of its surface is covered in seas. Without it we would not be here.

Where did it come from? A combination of two gasses. Probably from comets crashing into us – icy celestial bodies.

We take it for granted. We groan at the cloud and rain. Yet that is what brings life. Without it we cannot live.

The pollution from eight billion lives is altering the climate. Areas are suffering great droughts. People have to move.

They are discovering the problems of trying to live without water. So is the rest of nature.

We do not seem to behave very intelligently.


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