The Corona Diaries Day 705

It’s still dry and mild today though not quite as sunny. I’ve been doing a bit of catch-up along with some editing of the Captain Beefheart book while playing some excellent Sonny Boy Williamson very loud!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland the slimy toad slip slips away, wearing a high vis jacket, doing his usual smirking photoshoots and avoiding answering any questions. He won’t appear anywhere where he might be held accountable.

The tactics are the same as ever – hide, avoid answering, keep low, wait for it to blow over, take the heat out, sooner or later everybody moves on and forgets.

The truth is that we have a lying, law-breaking Prime Minister leading an immoral band of profiteers. They are not fit to govern at the best of times and these aren’t the best of times.

The crimes are piling up. The accountability is being kicked down the road.

It’s one thing after another. International reneging on contracts just signed. Illegal Proroguing of parliament. Lying to the Queen. Illegal tendering for PPE equipment and Corona contracts. Lies about Care Homes. Lies about the £350 million on the side of a bus. Terrible number of deaths. Incompetent handling of covid. Illegal lobbying. Illegal breaking of parliamentary procedure. Now we have Liz Truss charging us £500,000 to take a fancy jet flight to Australia.

They arrogantly believe they can do what they like and are above the law!!

It’s all piling up!! Sue Gray’s Report, the Met investigation, future reports on how they handled Covid with all that illegal tendering, the peerages for cash, the audiences with Boris for cash, the wallpaper and Tory donors, the illegal lobbying, second jobs………………

Now we find that Sur Gray’s report has been scuppered. She can release but is not allowed to include anything that might be illegal. That’s the bulk of the report!! This is a farce!!! The police have to investigate and that might take months!!

The police didn’t have any trouble handing out on the spot fines to anyone caught having illegal gatherings. They did not take months to investigate all of those did they?

I can’t see how Sue Gray’s investigation can be anything other than helpful to the police. I bet she regrets passing it on to them before publishing it now!

So what are all those Tories going to do now? Look at a heavily redacted report that tells them nothing? Wait for the police report? Or go ahead and kick the lying cheat out!!

What the Tory backers of Johnson seem to want to cover up is that this isn’t about the cake at all. It isn’t even about the parties. It is about the arrogance of these Tory bastards who believe they are above the law. While everybody else has to do as they are told (to extremes – to the point of being separated from dying spouses) and the Tories can go on partying without regard. It is about the blatant lying to the House and to the public, vehemently denying there were any parties or wrong-doing when he was actually there at the parties! It’s about the morality and integrity of the twerp in charge.

This arrogant, entitled overgrown Billy Bunter has been gorging himself at our expense. He’s a lazy, careless, lying conman. He should never have been elevated to these positions.

The government is now paralysed as our resident clown is held hostage by rabid rightwingers. He can’t appeal to the nation to do anything as two thirds no longer believe a word he says and don’t trust the worm an inch.

So, yesterday there were another 96,155 new cases with 338 deaths in this pandemic that is now over. They forget to add that the levels are higher now than when we went to Plan B, that hotspots are springing up with cases soaring.

I was pleased to see that everybody in our supermarket today was wearing a mask!! Common sense and consideration for others rules. They are ignoring the clown!

Stay Safe!! Do what you know to be right!!

6 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries Day 705

  1. Today down here, it was sunny and OK, but not warm. The towpath was passable for the first time since before Christmas. Nice walk.

    It seems to be unfolding as I predicted. What will happen next is that, when Johnson falls, Sue Gray will be equally castigated and seen as a hero. That won’t do much for “social cohesion,” will it?

    1. Oh, and I forgot to mention that the (still) Met Police commissoner, Cressida Dick, got her stars because she organized the murder of Jean Charles de Menezes.

    2. Social cohesion went out with Brexit and the populist campaign to deliberately cause fear, hate and division. Until people wake up to the racist tactics of the populist fascists we won’t have cohesion. Johnson has to fall first! He is the epitome of division, the ‘friendly’ face of the rabid ERG fascists.

      1. Woah, Opher! Brexit (for me at least) wasn’t about rabid nationalism. It was about getting away from the unaccountable bunch of dishonest bastards that call themselves the EU.

      2. Into the hands of the even more immoral and dishonest bastards who are presently running the place – an extreme right-wing bunch of nationalists.
        Give me the EU any day! They are a lot more honest than this vile group of greedy self-serving public schoolboys.

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